A thousand military bases in the Natuna Islands in the South China Sea! Indonesian President yells "War in the end"

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A thousand military bases in the Natuna Islands in the South China Sea! Indonesian President yells "War in the end"

2018-12-23 20:25:21 304 ℃

The South China Sea Natuna Islands built a thousand military base! Indonesian President shouts "Open war to accompany the end"

Indonesia Navy Martadinata-class frigate frigate.

The Indonesian government recently built a military base with a capacity of more than 1,000 people in the Natuna near the “Nine-Day Line” of the South China Sea in the South China Sea, with the aim of preventing China. In this regard, Indonesian President Zoco announced that the sovereignty of the Natuna Islands belongs to Indonesia. "If anyone wants to go to war, we will accompany them to the end."

Comprehensive foreign media reported that the Indonesian National Commander-in-Chief Hadi Tjahjanto publicly stated at the opening ceremony of the Natuna military base on December 18 that their purpose was to "scare" Block any potential security threats." Indonesian President Joko also said that the Natuna Islands are undoubtedly the territory of Indonesia, because there are 169,000 Indonesian people in Natuna County.

The report also mentioned that the Indonesian National Army Hardy also pointed out that they will at least send a battalion of the army, several Marine Corps companies and the engineering company to the artillery company to Natuna, according to the current military establishment, The new force is estimated to reach more than 1,000 people.

▲IndonesiaPresidentZuo Kewei.

In mid-July 2017, the Indonesian government renamed the exclusive economic zone outside the northern coast and within part of the South China Sea as “North Natuna” (North Natuna) Sea), this move is seen as a move by Indonesia and China to compete for sovereignty over the South China Sea.

The Natuna Islands in Indonesia are quite sparsely populated and are located close to China’s “ownership sovereignty”. It is understood that in the past, many Chinese fishing boats have repeatedly clashed with Indonesian warships when they went fishing in the waters of the “Nine-Segment Line”.

The Chinese government insists on overlapping with Indonesia’s sea power and interests in this area. In response, the Indonesian official said that he refused to accept it. In 2016, Indonesian President Zoco personally led the then commander-in-chief of the National Army, Kathy, and a number of heads of state to the Natuna Islands and boarded an Indonesian warship to tour the Natuna waters, hoping to declare the Natuna. sovereignty.

The report also pointed out that the Indonesian parliament also approved the “additional annual defense budget of 10%” in 2016 to upgrade and expand the military facilities in the Natuna, and the military will increase its military presence in Natuo. Islands.