The United States slaps a slap in the face of European allies, and the 28 countries collectively voted against it. Russia will fight back against the Jedi.

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The United States slaps a slap in the face of European allies, and the 28 countries collectively voted against it. Russia will fight back against the Jedi.

2018-12-23 20:25:22 266 ℃

The United States suddenly announced the complete withdrawal of troops from Syria on the 19th, and it was quickly implemented. Its State Department staff stationed in eastern Syria has evacuated Syria within 24 hours of the news. According to the latest news from the Turkish media, on the 21st, the chariots and equipment belonging to the US military have begun to withdraw from the northern part of Hasakah province, where the US military temporary camp (the Syrian-Syrian border area in northeastern Syria) has been abandoned. According to the White House spokesman, more than 2,000 US troops stationed in Syria will withdraw from Syria within 60 to 100 days. The action that the United States said this time, cast a blockbuster in the allies circle.

The German media article is sharply said that the Trump administration has betrayed all Kurds, Israel this time. People and Europeans. The article also highlights the US strategic abandonment of Israel. The author said: Previously, some conspiracy advocates believed that Trump’s foreign policy had always been in the hands of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. And with great strategic risks, the embassy was moved to Jerusalem and the Iranian nuclear agreement was ruined. But now Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria proves that the Israelis have no influence on his policy direction, because withdrawing troops from Syria is the heaviest blow to Israel. The Iranian side has just stated that it will launch a fierce counterattack against the allies who fight against allies and Iran.

Israel is one of the important pillars of the US Middle East strategy and a regional ally that the United States fully supports. Although it is not a member of NATO, its position in the eyes of the United States is more than any other member of the NATO. The Syrian Kurds, who were also abandoned at the same time, are also new allies established by the United States in recent years. They have been regarded as the great future of the United States in balancing the two countries of Iran, Turkey and Syria. In order to arm and support the Kurdish friendly forces, the United States has invested billions of dollars in just a few years. However, in the end, it is said that giving up and giving up will undoubtedly make the American allies feel chilly.

A sudden decision of the United States to withdraw its troops from Syria, slaps all European allies and forces them to return to the United States Under the strategic baton. Those EU countries that are imagining to play a balance between the United States and Russia or engage in independent defense, this attitude has instantly become the same. On December 21, the UN General Assembly did not pass the draft resolution submitted by Russia on the reservation of the Medium-Range Missile Treaty. Among them, 43 countries supported it, 46 countries opposed it, and 78 countries abstained. It is reported that the 28 member states of the United States, Canada, Ukraine and the European Union voted against it. Even Turkey, a close partner of Russia on the Syrian issue, sang a counter-tune to vote at a crucial moment.

On October 20th, Trump used Russia’s long-standing violation of the "Guidelines on the Treaty" and the treaty to restrict the development of the US On the grounds of weapons, it is announced that the United States will withdraw from the treaty. US Secretary of State Pompeo said on December 4 that if Russia does not resume compliance with the "Guidelines on the Treaty," the United States will suspend its treaty obligations after 60 days. The United States believes that the range of the Russian 9М729 cruise missile violates the "Guidelines on the Guide." US Deputy Secretary of State Thompson, who is in charge of arms control and international security affairs, said on December 6 that Washington called on Russia to destroy this type of missile and not to produce its type of transformation. However, Russia will not accept the relevant allegations of the United States. It is difficult to heal the differences before the Russian proposal at the UN General Assembly.

As such, the most important peace treaty that determines the security of Europe and the world really has to become a waste paper. . In response, a Russian presidential spokesman said that if the United States deploys missiles in Europe, Russia has to target Europe. On December 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning to the United States at the annual press conference, saying that the threat of nuclear war is rising and that "the US nuclear policy may lead to the destruction of the entire planet." Putin said that the United States intends to withdraw from the "Guidance Treaty, if the United States deploys medium-range missiles to Europe, Russia will be forced to take countermeasures. The United States insists on strategic crushing. Russia will inevitably fight back. The two countries are facing Europe. Will the 28 European countries regret the day when they tear up the treaty?