US media: He is gone, the world is best prepared to welcome an unbound US president

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US media: He is gone, the world is best prepared to welcome an unbound US president

2018-12-24 00:25:18 274 ℃

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The US cable news network said on December 21 that Matisse’s resignation paved the way for global chaos. The withdrawal of Syria is the last straw of Matisse. But not the only one. The world is best prepared for an unbound American president.

The translation is as follows:

Matisse has just cut off the safety net of the world.

The decision of the Secretary of Defense to resign on Thursday is a warning that it will leave a deep mark in history: the impulsive president refused to listen to suggestions, despised American friends, and proudly denied World War II. The guidelines of the US leadership since.

Despite the shocking turmoil in Trump’s presidency for several months, as the stock market plunged, the legal network around the White House tightened and the government was about to close, Matisse also blocked Washington.

Trump realized that he could no longer work for a capricious general commander. The chief commander decided to withdraw his troops from Syria and apparently did not seek the advice of anyone.

The serious face of Capitol Hill and the trembling voice of retired soldiers in cable TV news reflect that the Pentagon CEO is not just a medal-winning warrior, retired four-star admiral and most respected Member of the cabinet.

He is a talisman.

For two years, politicians, foreign policy experts, and allied diplomats will quietly reveal that they believe that as long as Matisse and impulsive Trump stay in the battle room, everything will be fine.

Even after other so-called adult departures, such as former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former National Security Advisor HR McMaster, Matisse left behind.

Now, he is gone. The world is best prepared for an unbound American president.

Adams Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger said in an interview with CNN: "There are many concerns that I have never seen in my life."

< A senior Republican congressman who supports Trump told CNA's Jim Acosta: "The wheel may have fallen."

Republican Senator Marko Marco Rubio warned on Twitter that Matisse’s resignation letter “very clearly shows that we are heading towards a series of serious policy mistakes that will jeopardize our country and harm our allies, and Give our opponents power."

This unusual anxiety of Trump's Republicans on Trump suggests that Matisse's resignation may have at least some of its goals.

Although he said this in his letter to Trump, it is obviously a warning to those who admire him, especially Republican lawmakers. It also targets Americans outside of Washington, marking the United States moving toward a dangerous path.

Trump ordered an immediate withdrawal from Syria - this is Matisse's last straw - against the advice of his national security expert. Now, it also looks like the beginning of a period in which the turmoil in the United States could undermine global stability.

April Thursday, a senior government official told CNN's Jake Tapper that Matisse "strongly opposed" Syria's decision and possibly withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

In the 17 years since 9/11, soldiers of these allies have fought side by side with the United States and sacrificed side by side.

In view of the broad powers that Trump gave to Trump and his victory in 2016, he was fully entitled to reinvent America’s global stance as Commander-in-Chief. He promised to withdraw American soldiers from the foreign battlefield, which is the common goal of many Americans who have been tired of many years of war.

Trump's voters want someone to incite Washington and the world, so they are unlikely to care that he scares Washington authorities in the form of populist nationalism.

But critics have accused Trump of withdrawing troops and will only hand over large areas of the Middle East and Southwest Asia to enemies such as Iran, Russia, ISIS and the Taliban.

Another Republican who usually supports Trump, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham warned that withdrawing troops from Afghanistan would pave the way for "another 9/11" the way.

Matisse went one step further, suggesting that Trump is aiming at the foundation of America's global strength.

Matisse stated in his resignation letter that Trump’s worldview is in opposition to everything he cherished during his 40-year military career. These values ​​are not only his own, but also the cornerstone of a country. This country is a force that stabilizes the world and makes the world safer.

Matisse wrote: "My view of respecting allies, keeping a clear understanding of malicious actors and strategic competitors has been strongly recognized in the immersion of these issues for more than 40 years. Inspired."

He said: "We must do everything possible to advance an international order that is most conducive to our security, prosperity and values. In this effort, the unity of our alliance has strengthened. Our strength.”

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen expressed emotionally to CNN reporter Jim Sciutto: “The President has built us over the past six or seventy years. Every pillar of stability and security that has risen has been devastating."

Cohen said to Matisse on Wednesday night that he was upset about Trump’s Syrian order. He believes that this is a rejection of American allies, especially the Kurds.

Applying his friend's way of thinking, Cohen added: "I have never resigned from anything. I have experienced every battle, but I can't do it in the name of our country." p>

It is obvious that Syria is the last straw of Matisse. But not the only one.