Fried with squid by Matisse, anger and complete rupture! Trump forces the Defense Minister to leave before New Year's Day

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Fried with squid by Matisse, anger and complete rupture! Trump forces the Defense Minister to leave before New Year's Day

2018-12-24 20:25:22 267 ℃

Dissatisfied with the squid of Matisse, angered and completely broke! Trump forced the Secretary of Defense to leave before New Year's Day

December 23, 2018, USA President Trump announced that Deputy Minister of Defense Shannahan (right) has acted as Acting Minister since January 1, 2019.

US President Trump suddenly announced on the 23rd that Defense Minister Matisse, who had originally left the end of February next year, will leave early, and will be deputy minister of the summer from January 1 next year. Nahan temporarily made a melon. Trump, who has always been narrow-minded and must report, is apparently hating the resignation of Matisse, who is scolding his squid, his criticism, and the criticism of the mainstream media. Therefore, even the surface of the good gathering can not be taken care of, and it is very disrespectful to force the retired army of the four-star general to resign four months earlier.

Turrant ignored the military diplomacy system last week and announced that he had completely withdrawn from Syria. Matisse immediately expressed his resignation, but set his departure time on February 29 next year, so that Trump has Have plenty of time to find a successor. However, in his resignation, Matisse clearly pointed out his policy disagreement with Trump, and criticized Trump for not respecting the ally and neglecting the style of international cooperation; while the mainstream American media almost supported Matisse and whipped to attack Trang. Pu, and worried that after the departure of Matisse, US military diplomacy will fall into chaos.

The retired four-star admiral Matisse, who was born in the Marine Corps, is regarded by the outside world as a mature cabinet member of President Trump, and more American media said that he is the last of the railway government. "The adults" have prevented Trump from ordering the assassination of Syrian President Arsed because he believes that this move will intensify the Syrian civil war and make the United States even more in conflict. In addition, he also ensured that Trump took a diplomatic approach to the North Korean issue rather than a military approach. He believed that the military's military containment against North Korea was a bad idea.

Insiders at the White House revealed that Trump was very annoyed at the report. On the morning of the 23rd, Trump issued a tweet to announce that the Deputy Minister of Defense, Shanahan, has acted as the acting minister since January 1 and has accused Shanahan of performing well in the deputy minister and in the past. Will be an excellent Minister of Defense.

Matisse (second from left) and Trump (third from left) ).

Trump’s dissatisfaction with Matisse began on the 22nd and “reminded” Matisse on Twitter, saying that Matisse was a former president Obama’s abandonment. People objected to giving Matisse a second chance with huge professional resources. Former President Barack Obama dismissed Matisse, who was then the commander of the US Central Command in 2013.

The Associated Press pointed out that the acting secretary of the US Department of Defense is unusual. Looking back at history, even if the Secretary of Defense resigns, the appointment of the successor will be passed by Congress. For example, in November 2014, although Defense Minister Haig was asked to resign, he still left the appointment of Carter as the Secretary of Defense in February of the following year.

Matisse originally stated in his resignation letter that he will leave at the end of February so that the successor’s personnel case can be approved by Congress and can attend the Congressional Hearing and NATO. An important meeting.

A White House official said that due to Matisse’s resignation letter To the attention of the outside world, Trump felt very annoyed. When the official talked about Trump's attitude, he said: "He only hopes to make a smoother and faster handover. He feels that it is not good for two months."

He added that Trump hopes In the coming weeks, candidates for the appointment of the Minister of Defense will be selected.

When Shanahan served as deputy minister, most of his work focused on reforms within the Pentagon and the creation of space forces. Trump urged the addition of space command, but was blocked by members of Congress and some members of the Department of Defense.

High-level officials told Reuters that Shanahan "has a deep understanding of military operations and global security issues, and importantly, he has deep experience in large-scale business management that will allow him to effectively monitor Ministry of National Defense."

For the issue of the ally, Trump scorns: "The ally is important, but it can't make them cheaper in the US." Still re-emphasizing the allied military budget Too few, the old tune of the US trade deficit is too big.

Xanahan is 64 years old, and Matisse is a fellow in Washington State. He has a background in mechanical engineering and business management. He joined Boeing in 1986 and has been a senior vice president from computer engineers, except for the 7-head. The series of passenger aircraft is also responsible for a number of military helicopters, warplanes and missile defense plans. In July 2017, he joined the cabinet as deputy minister of defense.

After entering the Pentagon, Shanahan is committed to improving departmental efficiency, reducing waste of resources, promoting a more friendly approach to business, and preparing a new missile defense policy. Unlike Matisse, he is quite supportive of Trump's "space force" plan and is therefore favored by the White House. However, Shanahan is obviously a science and technology bureaucrat. He has no military experience, no diplomatic experience, and he does not see his strategic competition with the United States and China, the denuclearization of North Korea, the Iranian nuclear dispute, the Yemeni civil war, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. What are the geopolitical issues?