Defeat the world's only superpower! Taliban cheers victory, the United States was completely defeated.

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Defeat the world's only superpower! Taliban cheers victory, the United States was completely defeated.

2018-12-24 20:25:25 277 ℃

The US military is preparing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan

On the 20th, US President Trump ordered that about half of Afghanistan be withdrawn. The garrison, about 7,000 people. This is the second withdrawal after the withdrawal of troops from Syria. According to US media reports on the 22nd, the news triggered widespread criticism that the move would hinder the conclusion of a peace agreement to end the longest war in the United States. However, the Taliban organization does not think so. "We have proved to the world that we have defeated the country that claims to be the only superpower in the world," a senior member of the Taliban organization commented after learning that the US military plans to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. The news clearly shows that after 17 years of hard work, the Taliban is now about to win a full victory in the Afghan war.

The Taliban announced the defeat of the only superpower

Since the September 11 attacks, the United States has been identified as Afghanistan. The Al Qaeda and Taliban organizations launched it, and since October 7, 2001, the Afghan war, which is centered on combating these two organizations, has been unveiled. But apart from killing Al Qaeda’s top leader, bin Laden, in May 2011, there seems to be no commendable war that has lasted so long. In particular, the US military’s war on terrorism is more and more fearful. Now the terrorist organizations in Afghanistan have joined IS. The three terrorist organizations have occupied an area of ​​one-fifth to 125,000 square kilometers of the country’s land area. 12% of the population, and there is still a tendency to continue to expand.

The US military has suffered heavy casualties in Afghanistan against terrorism.

In this war, the US military cannot say no effort. However, it is far away from reaching the goal, and the casualties are heavy. It is said that the troops of the US military participating in the Afghan war reached a maximum of 101,000 people. Of course, there are more than 400,000 troops including the Afghan army and NATO forces. What can be the result? According to statistics, during the operation in Afghanistan, the United States had a total of about 2,000 deaths and 20,000 injuries, and the total number of Afghan casualties may have exceeded 210,000. Currently in Afghanistan, there are about 14,000 soldiers and officers in the US military. This time the US chief announced that it would withdraw half of it - about 7,000 people, and claimed that the US military has defeated IS.

The so-called defeat of IS is really a beautiful lie

Can this be the right one? It is also the United States’ special envoy for the President of Afghanistan who has told the truth. According to the US Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk, who is coordinating the joint action of the US extremist organization against the IS extremist organization, on the 22nd, he announced that he had been wiped out and said that the IS has been eliminated is "reckless", so the return of the US military is unwise. "These militants are fleeing, but have not yet been defeated. The premature withdrawal of US troops from Syria will create conditions for the breeding of IS." The special envoy has officially resigned to protest the decision of the US chief to suddenly withdraw his troops from Syria. This is the decision of the second US senior official to resign and protest the withdrawal after the resignation of Defense Minister Matisse. Both of them will leave in 2019.

The withdrawal of the US military is likely to make IS grow stronger again

The analysis believes that the US chieftain has always acted I did my own thing and almost never made a big decision with the singers. This made many senior US officials feel awkward and awkward. In addition to the two now, including the resignation of Secretary of State in March, Tilson and many ministers, as well as the White House director, etc. It is said that the resignation of Defense Minister Matisse has been called by the US media as "the last awake person of the White House left." Conversely, the withdrawal of the US military today has cheered the Taliban, and of course, al-Qaeda and IS have gained a big respite. These organizations are not joining forces to make a comeback. It is likely that Afghanistan will become the new base of global terrorist organizations. For the world, I am afraid it is not good news, and the culprits must be the United States!

(Jun Guangwen, written by Chen Guangwen at 2018.12.24)