Trump announces that Saudi Arabia will pay to rebuild Syria, and the United States will not participate too far.

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Trump announces that Saudi Arabia will pay to rebuild Syria, and the United States will not participate too far.

2018-12-25 20:25:01 266 ℃

According to Al Jazeera’s US Channel report, US President Donald Trump said that Saudi Arabia will spend “necessary funds” to help rebuild The war-torn Syria did not provide any details. On December 24th, Trump published an unexpectedly up-to-date foreign policy statement on Twitter, saying that Saudi Arabia will step in and provide support to Syria after the US withdraws its troops from Syria.

Trump wrote, "Saudi Arabia now agrees to spend the necessary funds to help rebuild Syria and do this instead of the United States. Have you seen it? When extremely wealthy countries help rebuild neighbors, not A great country 5,000 miles away - the United States helps rebuild, isn't that good? Thanks to Saudi Arabia!"

US President Trump's tweet screenshots

The Saudi government did not immediately comment.

Al Jazeera’s reporter in Washington, DC, Robert Reynolds, said the initial response to Trump’s statement was “confusing” because there were no other US officials’ statements to him. Commenting, and on the day of the announcement, Trump did not have a telephone conversation with the Saudi leader.

Reynolds said, "The statement is out of thin air, and the question is more than the answer, including how much money he said. We know that Saudi Arabia provided $100 million for the reconstruction of Syria in October this year. But the president’s tweet seems to imply that there is more money coming up. In addition, how will the money be spent? When will it be paid? Most importantly, in a country divided into many different spheres of influence, who will get it? This money?”

US President Trump has repeatedly expressed support for Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman Although the CIA estimates that Salman ordered the assassination of Kashoji in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in the Turkish city of Istanbul in October. Trump also withstood the pressure from US lawmakers to impose stricter sanctions on Saudi Arabia on the murder of Kashoji, saying he had no intention of canceling military contracts with Saudi Arabia.

Ellen Wald, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and author of "Saudi Corporation: The Interests and Powers of the Arab Kingdom," told Al Jazeera, "The Trump administration will Saudi Arabia." Arabia is seen as a strategic partner in the region, and Trump is certainly out of the woods and will defend this strategic partnership. Now he will say, 'Look, we still believe in you, you must stand up and do something now. What needs to be done', it is clear from Trump's policy that they hope that Saudi Arabia can truly fight Iran in the region." (Edit: HHJ)