The United States 120 million huge sums to buy a Venezuelan military coup? Maduro announced that he will meet the rebellion

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The United States 120 million huge sums to buy a Venezuelan military coup? Maduro announced that he will meet the rebellion

2018-12-25 20:25:01 278 ℃
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Author: Yi Pin-wen team Liu Bei Wu, no authorization is prohibited reprint

According to the Russian satellite news agency (satellite network The news, the President of the Republic of Venezuela (Bolivar), Nicholas Maduro, delivered a speech at the Bolivar People's Congress, angering the United States for spending huge sums of money to buy some Venezuelan soldiers to overthrow the current Maduro cabinet. Venezuelan President Maduro declared: "According to reliable intelligence, the United States has raised the amount of Venezuelan soldiers to an astonishing $120 million in order to overthrow the Maduro Cabinet (previously the amount was more than $40 million)!" p>

(Nicholas Maduro is the late President Weiss's only recognized successor)

"I have done everything I can, and in the next few months the entire people of the Republic of Venezuela (Bolivar) should unite and work together. Respond to possible instability. The Venezuelan army should be closer to the military and civilian alliance with the people of the whole country. Any military rebellion to overthrow the government should be severely punished!” President Maduro’s powerful statement proved himself and Not afraid of the US military threats and the means of darkness.

Subsequently, Venezuelan President Maduro specially named the neighboring Colombian President Ivan Duke. Maduro accused Colombian President Ivan Duk and the country’s oligarchy of interfering in the internal affairs of the Republic of Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic). "Colombia President Ivan Duke can't rule the Republic of Venezuela (Bolivar), Go home, go home, Ivan Duke! You like to use English, that is because you are a vassal of American imperialism!" Venezuela President Maduro’s tit-for-tat reprimand of Colombia’s President Ivan Duke’s ambitions is absolutely impossible to achieve.

On November 17 this year, the President of the Republic of Venezuela (Bolivar), Nicholas Maduro, declared the Venezuelan army in two Four aircraft flying in the direction of Colombia were shot down in a row. President Maduro of Venezuela stated that these aircraft are related to Colombia’s drug trafficking syndicate in the country. It seems that Maduro’s legislation to force the military to shoot down any drug traffickers invading Venezuela’s airspace five years ago is very far-sighted.

(Americas The national organization is particularly pro-American, the leader of the organization points out that Tu-160 can carry nuclear weapons and poses a threat to Latin America)

On December 10, the Russian Federation’s Air Force Army sent a rare killer. Two Tupolev-160 "White Swan" strategic bombers, one Il-62 and one Antonov-124 transport aircraft flying over the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the Republic of Venezuela At the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Tyre, major media have exclaimed that the Russian army directly threatened the backyard of the United States! AFP, one of the four major news agencies in the West, commented that Russia and Venezuela (Bolivar) signed a $6 billion investment contract.

Russian investment is said to have contributed greatly to Venezuela’s oil exploration and gold mining, and the plight of Venezuela’s main source of foreign exchange, the oil export industry, will be improved to some extent. On the other hand, the Russian Federation will export 600,000 tons of food to Venezuela. The author believes that the survival problems that the Venezuelan people are most concerned about will be properly resolved. The United States and Colombia want to use Venezuela’s domestic economic problems to break up their people and the army. The intention is not easy to succeed!

(Colombia The fighter plane aims at the map -160 to prove its strength, but can really scare Russia?)

Russian strategic killer flying directly to the United States and the Venezuela Air Force Su-30MKV, F-16 fighter training It is indeed quite morale, but the US Secretary of State, Penpeo (fat head) directly criticized the actions of the Russian and Russian sides as a waste of money. This remark is obviously that this is the bone in the egg. Is it only allowed NATO countries such as the United States and Canada to go to Ukraine for military exercises?

(This It’s the Colombian Air Force’s job. It’s fine to control drug traffickers and scare Russia’s use. Colombia is more chaotic than Mexico)

A US leader said that the Colombian Defense Minister immediately followed the trend and said that Colombia would never succumb to the Venezuelan Air Force with Russian Tu-160 bomber assistance. He added that the Caracas exercise of the Russian and Russian air forces was not the first time. As early as five years ago, the Columbia Air Force’s "Cubs" fighters intercepted the Tu-160 that had been monitored and flew to the Caribbean. Who is afraid of it? ? The author thinks that this is the fox and the tiger. It is not bad for Colombia to manage its own domestic drug trafficking problem. If you dare to single out the Russian and Venezuelan air forces, do you buy Israel’s old "Cubs" fighter plane without even a tracer? Who is scared? If you have any comments, please leave a comment below! Concerned about the WeChat public number: the history of war, many experts will continue to interpret for you in the public number. Independent professional, there is a kind of material, please use WeChat to search the public number: war history, watch the full insider interpretation of the political and military history of all war history.