Blizzard has become more serious? The Arctic vortex went to Japan, and more than two meters of "super hooch" came!

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Blizzard has become more serious? The Arctic vortex went to Japan, and more than two meters of "super hooch" came!

2018-12-25 20:25:01 233 ℃

This period of time, as the Arctic vortex once again turned to Asia, a large number of extremely cold air masses at high latitudes are ready to move, and East Asia will welcome cold air activities at the end of the year, especially in many places in China. The air is in the air. This is also the case in Japan, which is next door to our country. It can be seen on the satellite cloud map on the afternoon of December 24 that the extratropical cyclone on the North Pacific Ocean is pulling a lot of cold air south and pouring into Japan.

The cold air descends from the inland of northeast Asia and transforms into a large number of feathers after passing through the warmer surface of the Sea of ​​Japan. The cold currents of the form, and they rushed to the northern part of Honshu Island and Hokkaido in Japan. These places continued to have cold snow, which has become the norm in Japan for most of the past half-month. However, the Japanese sea cold blizzard has not been suspended, and then this situation will be even worse!

European values ​​suggest that the Arctic vortex, which is biased towards Asia, will then pass through the northeast of China, which is causing the sweep of our country. After the cold wave in the central and eastern regions, the main body of the Arctic vortex will pass north of Hokkaido, Japan. As a result, the Arctic vortex will again involve a large amount of cold air from the inland of Northeast Asia to the North Pacific Ocean, and a considerable part will directly enter the Sea of ​​Japan. , turned into a large number of cold current clouds to Japan!

European values ​​indicate that Japan’s snow is unambiguous compared to the complex and tangled snow in southern China: from 12 On the 6th of the month, with the north vortex of the Arctic vortex, a large amount of cold snow rushed to the Japanese Sea side of Honshu Island, Hokkaido and other places. Due to the continuous flow of cold air, it was not until the end of 2018, and many places in Japan were cold. Snow may not stop. European figures predict that the total amount of snow dropped by Japan will reach 200 centimeters or more, which is two meters of "super snow." The U.S. figures predict that the total snowfall in the northern part of Japan will exceed 80 centimeters. These falling snow plus the blizzard before December, the snow in some places may hit a new high.

So, friends who want to travel to places like Hokkaido in Japan during this time should still consider the super fierce snowstorm. Possible adverse effects.