US anti-spyware official shouted: Do not bring a mobile phone to China!

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US anti-spyware official shouted: Do not bring a mobile phone to China!

2018-12-27 00:25:12 1038 ℃

Recently, a government-elected anti-espionage official in the United States has put forward a very strange idea in order to target China...

The highest anti-espionage officer of the US government, Evana, is because of the so-called "I am afraid of being eavesdropped by China", in the CBS "60 Minutes" program, actually said such a sentence -

"I will never bring a mobile phone to China"!

Wow, where is China, so you don’t even dare bring it with your phone? ?

Next, the senior official gave us a detailed introduction to how China “operates”.

Video screenshots

"You click on a link, maybe clicked on a news feed, they just Can get into your hardware. Then they can enter every corner of your phone."

"Hotels that go to Chinese companies may also be monitored. The Chinese government can monitor all the information collected from China's related WiFi connections," "Everywhere."

"When you are in a hotel, the hotel owner controls the WiFi in the lobby."

Video Screenshots

This It is really big enough for the pot to be deducted from China.

Next, the intelligence officer continued to be alarmist:

"American companies doing business in China are particularly at risk."

"Before you arrived in China, China already knew about your business."

This official has spared no effort to advise people to enter China "don't bring a mobile phone."

Well. It is a great suggestion to go abroad without a mobile phone and without any electronic equipment.

Yes, as early as September this year, Evana In a big way, in order to launch espionage against the United States, China has invested in "a terrible" resource. He also accepted an interview with Reuters that Chinese intelligence agencies used "false" LinkedIn accounts and “hooked” American secrets.

The United States accuses China of engaging in "very aggressive" espionage through LinkedIn

The Chinese Foreign Ministry dismissed Evana’s allegations:

"We don't know what evidence the relevant US officials have reached this conclusion. The accusation is completely nonsense, with ulterior motives!"

Actually, this "don't The stalk with the mobile phone, the US intelligence officers have used it more than once. During the Russian World Cup this summer, some American fans are planning to go to the scene to watch the game. As a result, the government began to warn again - "Do not bring a mobile phone to Russia!"

US anti-espionage agency warned visitors to the World Cup: equipment may be attacked by hackers

In addition, in October this year, the US media also hyped "Chinese-Russian monitoring Trump mobile phone, and said that Trump often used his iPhone to call old friends to chat.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying responded at the press conference:

"I feel that some people in the US are really trying their best to compete for the Oscar for Best Screenplay Award."

Hua Chunying suggested: "If you are worried about Apple's mobile phone being eavesdropped, you can use Huawei mobile phone; for absolute security, you can stop using any modern communication device."

The last sentence was also given to the US official who was annoyed by "China surveillance."

In fact, when it comes to electronic product surveillance activities, the United States is the industry leader.

In 2015, the US "New York Times" disclosed that: AT&T has been helping the National Security Agency conduct network and telecom monitoring for more than 20 years!

American prism door event

Earlier, in 2007, the United States had a security bureau top secret Electronic monitoring of foreign plans - "prism program."

Avona is proud of the US independent mobile operator Verizon has been trapped in the "prism door."

I don’t know if these anti-intelligence officials in the United States have not yet left the shadow of their own “prism door”. Such a cup of bow and snake shadow, live is also hard enough.

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