Another official in the Philippines was killed, Duterte was furious: Leica’s killing

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Another official in the Philippines was killed, Duterte was furious: Leica’s killing

2018-12-27 20:25:31 885 ℃


In recent days, according to a Philippine news website, a senior Philippine official was killed, and the Philippine military police have not been able to find the murder of this senior official. For the Philippine government, this matter may even be so great that it will not be able to find such a murderer. It is precisely because of this that the internal political situation in the Philippines has gradually begun to turmoil, and even some government officials have resigned. To ensure peace, for a country, even the safety of officials in its own country cannot be guaranteed. Basically, it cannot be expected that this government will protect the lives of most civilians. This incident not only killed an official, but even said it was serious. Some are challenging the Philippine government's majesty, and Philippine President Duterte naturally cannot bear the matter.

Philippines President Du’s recently asked the Philippine military and police to strengthen control over checkpoints. Duterte even bluntly said that if anyone dares to get a card, then he can shoot it directly, even without legal liability., Duterte even said that even Leica’s person is the mayor or the province. These senior officials, as long as they carry weapons or carry armed personnel and are unwilling to accept inspections, the military police at the checkpoint must immediately shoot and kill them. Otherwise, the military police at the checkpoint will be considered accomplices. The highest sentence can be convicted of treason and other very scary crimes. After someone asks if this behavior will be implemented, Duterte only said five words "then try it." Duterte’s attitude is enough. Tell the world about the attitude of the Philippines to these armed people.

Why is Duterte so tough? The first thing to know is that these armed men who shot government officials are basically big transnational drug traffickers. For a long time, the drug traffickers in the Philippines are very powerful and even enough to confront local garrisons. Duterte’s orders were also implemented in big cities such as the capital. Many villages did not listen to Duterte. They listened to the orders of local drug dealers. They could even say that these drug dealers had formed armed forces and unknowingly overthrew Dutt. The meaning of the regime, the natural Duterte can not endure so many "resistance" forces in the country, and the shooting of government officials has violated the fundamental interests of the Philippine government, if this time Duterte's attitude No more tough, then no one will be willing to serve the Philippine government in a while.

And why does Duterte emphasize the mayor of the mayor? It turned out that the Philippine drug dealers were very powerful at the time. Even the top officials in the Philippine government were collaborating with drug dealers. Duterte’s move was also to beat high-ranking government officials who dared to deal with drug dealers and even cooperated. These high-level drug dealers are the most threatening to his position. If possible, Duterte even wants to take the opportunity to remove the dissidents within the government, which can also attack the drug dealers and clear the dissidents. Tert is a stone and a pair of birds, which makes Duterte very profitable. For Duterte, this incident is indeed an opportunity. Once used properly, he will consolidate his political power and eventually the government. All the opponents in the middle were all cleared, and perhaps in the heart of Duterte, it was not so much objection to the shooting of high-ranking government officials by drug dealers, and even a hint of happiness.