Show beauty and make a fool of yourself! The president of Brazil changed his tune immediately after he hit his face, and Trump was tricked again.

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Show beauty and make a fool of yourself! The president of Brazil changed his tune immediately after he hit his face, and Trump was tricked again.

2019-01-13 09:03:56 853 ℃
< p > Some time ago, after the new Brazilian President Borssonalo took office, he repeatedly expressed good wishes to the United States, not only to keep pace with Trump on immigration issues, but also to invite the United States to build military bases in his country. So US Secretary of State Pompeo also paid a special visit to Brazil last week to visit the new president. According to an interview with reporters by Pompeo, the United States is very interested in Brazil's proposal, and expressed the hope that Brazil can retain sovereignty in the case of leasing its space launch base. But just as the United States had applauded Brazil's new president's remarks, the new president suddenly changed his tune.

8 January, according to the Brazilian newspaper Sao Paulo, the Brazilian government told reporters that President Borsonero had never said that he had invited the United States to build a military base, but had been misunderstood by reporters. Instead, he made such a big storm and claimed that he would not build a U.S. military base during his term of office, and this attitude changed abruptly, naturally. It's because of the military's obstruction. In the view of the Brazilian military, the transfer of its territory to the United States to build military bases violates Brazilian sovereignty. This is to please the United States and lose its own bottom line. Therefore, Borsonero's remarks have met with great resistance and dissatisfaction.

Facing the resistance of the military, Bolsonaro had to throw off the pot and blame the media for exaggerating their statements on the garrison. Is this really an exaggeration? I'm afraid not. In fact, both the Secretary of State of the United States and the Brazilian Foreign Minister have confirmed that Borssonalo tried to invite the U.S. troops to the United States, which is not deceptive. It seems that this is just an excuse for the new president to find himself after he was beaten face by the military, and the media has become his perfect target. However, the new president must be holding back in his heart. He made a fool of himself by showing his goodwill to the United States. However, after that, he will inevitably arouse the discontent of the United States.

Although "reversal" is a common means of Trump, it was unexpected that the new President of Brazil did not succeed in conceding much and played a trick on Trump. However, the garrison plan failed, and the space base is the goal that the United States will strive for in the future, but in order to butter Trump, without disagreeing with the military, Borssonallo will naturally hand in hand, and the idea of the United States will naturally be realized soon.

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