Trump is very angry, China is more respected than you!

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Trump is very angry, China is more respected than you!

2019-01-13 09:03:55 441 ℃


The struggle is at its climax!

< p> < strong > Trump is brewing a big move. In the next few days, major events will surely happen in the United States.

First of all, there are two small backgrounds:

1. By this Saturday, the number of days the federal government will close will be unprecedented. At present, there seems to be no suspense about this. < p > < p > 2. After spending Christmas and New Year in the White House alone, the angry Trump just announced that this year's Davos Forum, Lao Zi is gone! Why not go to


In Trump's words, the main reason is that "Democrats are stubborn on border security and the security of our country is extremely important". In a word, I will stay at home and fight with you. How to fight

? Since national security has reached the most urgent moment, according to CNN analysis, Natramp is likely to declare a state of national emergency for the United States . In this way, he can bypass Congress and directly use military expenditure to build the border wall between the United States and Mexico, which he is thinking of.

The wall is not built in a day, Trump is with you all the time.


For this wall, Trump felt that Trump had gone out.

He had previously threatened that since the Democrats did not give money to build the wall, the United States federal government would be shut down for several months. The two main leaders of the Democratic Party, Senate Leader Schumer and House Speaker Pelosi, have become his biggest enemies. On January 10, he visited the US-Mexico border in Texas personally and talked about the heated Sino-US economic and trade issues. He said as follows:

The trade negotiations between the United States and China are making great success. I found that China is much more respected than "Bad Chuck" and Nancy in many respects.

paused, Trump added:

In fact, it is much easier to deal with China than with the opposition party (Democratic Party).

Listen to the voice out of the chord:

First, the Sino-US negotiations have been "a great success". This is the characterization of the President of the United States, not only successful, but also huge. The market breathed a sigh of relief, so the European and American stock markets immediately rallied.

Second, "Bad Chuck" is Trump's nickname for Schumer; Nancy is Pelosi. These two American heavyweights, in Trump's eyes, are far less respected than China.

Third, Trump is puzzled that China is so powerful that we can all deal well with each other. Why don't you go in with salt and oil? You're against me everywhere.

Trump was really angry. On Jan. 9, he also sent a tweet:

just left the meeting with Schumer and Pelosi, totally wasting time. I asked, what would happen in 30 days if I could get everything working quickly? Will you approve the Border Safety Act with walls or steel barriers? Pelosi said NO. Let me say byebye. Nothing else will help!

< p> < br>

< p>

You can feel the gunpowder smell in it. According to Schumer's memory, the situation at that time was "a bit like beating a table to walk away", and the general process was as follows:

< blockquote> < p> Trump asked Pelosi if you would agree to allocate funds for the border wall. Pelosi said no. So Trump got angry and immediately got up and said, "Then there's nothing to talk about, and then he shook his hand and left."

Finally, Schumer made a sarcastic remark about Trump: This person always does this, and when he can't get his own things, he starts to lose his temper.

Pelosi also said sarcastically: The temperature outside was very cold, but I didn't feel much warm in the White House MI.

said that Trump patted the table. Trump was very angry. The last thing he could do was slander him. So he immediately sent another tweet:

crying Chuck told his favorite lies and accused me of "patting the table and walking out of the room" with his standard voice. He has a short temper." Because I knew he would say that. The fact is, after Nancy refused to accept the correct border security plan, I politely said byebye and left. No tapping on the table ! Interesting:


1, Schumer, notice that your nickname has been upgraded from "Bad Chuck" to "Weeping Chuck". < p > < p > 2. Although I left, I said byebye very politely. < p > < p > 3, < strong > crying Chuck, don't lie, see clearly, I didn't clap the table!


Interesting. The plot is heading for a climax. It's more Hollywood than the card house.

In recent days, I have been traveling on business, and I have been entangled with all kinds of things, and sleep is not very good, so I will not be exhausted for a long time. Let's make a few superficial comments:

First, Trump is very angry. At the beginning of 2019, we met bad Chuck and cold Nancy. You really toast and don't drink any fines. < p > < p > Secondly, < strong > is no better than not knowing, and China is much more respected than you. But Trump, it's your internal affairs. Tens of millions of dollars. It has nothing to do with China.

Third, Trump really felt a little open-minded. According to him, he has absolute power to declare a state of emergency. If that's the case, Democrats need frying pans, and the United States is going to make a big fuss. The struggle for

< p> is becoming fierce. Many things come together, but internal affairs are always more important than diplomacy.

Don't exaggerate. Trump is Trump. Everything is possible! It's just beginning in 2019, and big things are about to happen.