Why did Poland suddenly go to China for the next three details are meaningful!

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Why did Poland suddenly go to China for the next three details are meaningful!

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is another upsurge.

On Friday, 11 January, Poland suddenly announced that the Polish National Security Agency had arrested a Chinese citizen and a Polish citizen on the same day, accusing them of espionage.

Subsequently, the Polish media revealed that Weijing Wu, a Chinese executive arrested, was Huawei's sales manager in the Polish branch, while Piotr D, a Polish engineer, was a senior official in the National Security Agency. A common background added by Western media is that after Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was detained by Canada, the second Huawei executive was arrested in a foreign country.

This time, the charges are even more serious, espionage! The Chinese Embassy in Poland and Huawei Company have responded quickly. The embassy clearly stated that:

China is highly concerned about this incident. The embassy has made an appointment with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the first time to request the Polish side to inform the Chinese side as soon as possible about the incident, arrange consular visits as soon as possible, handle the case fairly and properly according to law, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights, interests, safety and humanitarian treatment of the parties.

Huawei responded:

We have learned the relevant information and are in the process of further understanding. There is no further comment on this for the time being. Huawei has always complied with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which it operates, and required all employees to abide by the laws and regulations of the country in which it operates. For Huawei, 2019 is clearly not calm: in North America, it is uncertain whether Meng's boat will survive; in Europe, Poland suddenly has branches.

But it is meaningful to review the incident in at least three details, synthesizing Polish official information, western media reports and Chinese response.

Details 1: Polish side deliberately and suddenly started. Whether the two arrested "spies" were convicted or not remains to be further proved by the Polish side.

But there are various signs that the Polish side has obviously deliberately started for a long time.

According to media reports, Polish security authorities immediately searched Huawei's local office and the office of Orange, a telecommunications company, in Poland after arresting the two men.

Subsequently, Maciej Wasik, deputy director of Poland's Internal Security Bureau, came out and announced to the outside world that Chinese citizens who "work in an important telecommunications company" and a Polish citizen were accused of espionage.

Because of the serious charges, the two men will be detained for three months first. Once convicted, they face up to 10 years in prison.

Since it is a spy job, it involves more or less the government. Poland should also be prepared for the deterioration of Sino-Polish relations.

Detail 2, the special background of Polish action. The biggest special feature of

is Meng's previous detention in Canada. Now Poland is working on another Huawei executive. For Huawei, the last thing it wants to get involved in now is security, spies and other troubles. But what we fear most is what we come to. The charges in Poland are "espionage". This is undoubtedly a huge blow to Huawei's reputation. Even if this crime can prove to be purely false, it is also a cruel blow to Huawei's image. It is worth noting that when the United States International Press reported the relevant events, there was another sentence:

The accused Chinese citizen, who worked at the Consulate of Gdansk in Beijing and graduated from the top intelligence school in China, said:


Checked several sources carefully. The arrested Chinese citizen worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University.

But this is the second largest news agency in the United States, citing information provided by Polish officials.

Beiwai students, you were all studying in China's top intelligence schools? Why is Poland?

Detail 3?

This year is also the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Poland. Poland is one of the few countries that have 70 years of friendship with China.

But it must be made clear that Poland today is not the former Poland. Before the establishment of diplomatic relations, Poland was ruled by the Communist Party, and China was the brothers of the socialist camp; after the drastic changes in the Soviet Union and East Asia, Poland is now the leader of the "New Europe". This leads to an interesting geopolitical phenomenon:

Old Europe is the old brothers of France, Germany and other Western European countries, the United States, but it is also the most hated object of the United States, often not obedient, but also like to poke at the United States. New Europe is Poland, the Baltic States, Croatia and so on. Once an enemy of the United States, it is now the closest brother of the United States. Naturally, their relations with Russia are the worst. After all, there is no strategic conflict between Poland and China. The relationship between Poland and China is neither too good nor too bad.

But just on the day Poland launched its attack on Huawei executives, Iran was angry, accusing the United States and Poland of having a clown show.

Because US Secretary of State Pompeo has just announced that the Middle East Summit will be held in Poland on February 13 and 14, with the theme of studying how to deal with Iran. Please note that the Middle East Summit is not held in the Middle East, but in Poland.

Before that, the Czech Republic blocked Huawei, but it was criticized by the Czech President and aborted. Now, Poland's action, not excluding the United States hint, Poland stepped forward, two ribs insertion knife. Because it is inferred from common sense that

1, what high-tech information does Poland have that is worth stealing from Huawei executives?

2. Poland is really capable in capturing spies. It caught Huawei executives at a glance. For Huawei,


it's really a "roof leak happens to rain overnight and ship breaks to head wind"

Now it's a multifaceted battle.

p>Meng Wanzhou incident is far from over. Previously, I saw some self-Media analysis. On January 8, if the United States did not apply for extradition, Canada would automatically release Meng Wanzhou. This is obviously wrong. The United States has 60 days to submit an extradition application. The climax of the struggle has not yet arrived.

Now Poland is in trouble again. Some superficial views are as follows:

First, the political pursuit of Huawei is continuing. Needless to say, on the day Poland captured Huawei executives, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the U.S. government also ordered that even the technology developed by Huawei's U.S. companies could not be brought back to Huawei headquarters.

Secondly, this is not something Huawei can solve. The Chinese value peace and don't want to make enemies on all sides, but they want more than a quiet breeze. If such behaviour is tolerated, the temper of the Chinese people is indeed too good to bear.

Third, Polish apples may not sell well. After the Ukrainian incident, Poland followed the Western sanctions against Russia, and Russia immediately countered: banning the import of Polish apples and vegetables. You know, Poland is the world's largest exporter of apples, two-thirds of which are exported to Russia. Russia's reasons are absolute, too. 90% of Polish apples sampled have exceeded the pesticide level.

There was no way out. At that time, there was a movement of "eating apples" in Poland. There is an English proverb, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me." The slogan of the "Eat apples" campaign is "Five apples a day, Putin keeps away from me". Since then, Polish Apple has also been trying to open up the Chinese market.

Now, is the slogan changed to: 10 apples a day, the world away from me? In Europe, there is also a saying that poor Poland is the doormat of Europe. Whether Hans (Germany) or Ivan (Russia), you have to step on it when you go out.

Why is this so? Poland really needs to rethink!

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Responsible Editor: Ouyang Jianjun .