Trump is in deep fire. America is in another quagmire of war.

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Trump is in deep fire. America is in another quagmire of war.

2019-01-22 17:28:38 362 ℃

Trump should be on fire, and a grand drama may be destroyed in this way, because signs indicate that the United States has begun to fall into another war quagmire.

In Syria, on January 16, the U.S. military suffered the worst losses in four years. The attack took place in the northern Syrian city of Manbiji. A patrol of US troops was attacked by suicide bombers. According to media reports, about 20 people were killed, including four American soldiers. Who did it?

or the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS)!

So many people were killed, including four American soldiers. Obviously, this is a carefully planned operation and also shows the combat capability of IS.

but ironically:

1, just a month ago, Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from Syria, the most important reason is that the United States has defeated IS. More ironically, one hour after the explosion on the 16th, Vice President Burns, speaking in front of more than 100 U.S. ambassadors abroad, declared that "Halifa has collapsed, IS has been defeated" and "the President and I can't be more proud".

U.S. diplomats applauded. They did not seem to know that just an hour ago, the United States had suffered its worst attack in Syria.

Burns, you too. Just brag about it yourself. You have to pull up Trump. Trump was confronted with a new round of negative public opinion.

You know, Since the United States sent troops to Syria in 2014, to Trump declared that it had defeated IS, only two American soldiers were killed in Syria.

But just after Trump announced that he was going to withdraw successfully, there was an explosion and four American soldiers were killed.

This is where war is cruel.

Therefore, the Chinese ancients repeatedly warned that soldiers, weapons, saints have to use them. For Trump,

, the most troublesome problem is not only the question of being beaten in the face, but also whether to withdraw or not, and a big chess game may be disrupted.

had just boasted that IS had been destroyed and that four American soldiers had been killed in an instant. Burns, in particular, was still boasting about Trump and his pride at the front foot, until the back foot knew that the explosion had happened. Don't be too full in this world. Now it's been beaten up publicly. But the key is what to do next?

If we pretend not to know, or continue to withdraw rapidly, it really becomes the United States of America's gray slip away. How can you let Trump, who is least willing to show his weakness?

Secondly, the Middle East is a quagmire, which is so easy for the United States to get out of.

According to Trump's wishful thinking, the most important consideration is that the United States withdraws its troops from Syria and Afghanistan. First, from a business point of view, Trump said so frankly that spending so much money in Syria is not worth it; moreover, to protect those Middle Eastern people, they will not say that we are good in the end. More importantly, Trump is considering strategically: the shale gas revolution has made the United States the world's largest energy producer; the Middle East is no longer the strategic focus of the United States and must be withdrawn.

This land of tigers and wolves is a little more dangerous if you stay one more day.

But what is the most feared, what is the partial. Just as Trump was preparing to withdraw, the worst attack took place. The Middle East is a quagmire. Now that you're stuck in the United States, it's not easy for you to get out of it.

IS also refused.

Third, Trump's chess game may be destroyed. On December 26, last year, Trump went to the Iraqi front to defend his withdrawal from Syria by saying:

They (generals) have said over and over again recently: Can we stay longer? I said: No. We can't stay any longer. You've stayed long enough. We've done them down.

I think many people should think from my point of view. Now is the time for us to think with our heads. The preceding paragraph of

goes without saying that it is not the US that has overthrown IS, but the IS that kills Americans. The key to

is the second sentence. It is possible that American generals did not understand Trump's logic: The United States does not want to be a world policeman, not really improper, but unwilling to spend more money properly, unwilling to be in the wrong place. After all, the resources of the United States are limited, and the dispersal of military forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan is not in the fundamental interests of the United States. As mentioned above, it is no longer the strategic focus of the United States. As for Russia, Trump has never really been an opponent, and he has repeatedly hinted that Russia should be united to deal with other major threats.

Don't forget that there is a big country, but it is considered as the main threat by the United States. Trump, on the one hand, wants to withdraw his troops from the Middle East, on the other hand, increases his military expenditure and expands his armaments. Is he going to do what he most wants to do? However, Trump's desire to reconcile with Russia was strongly opposed at home. He thought he had planned to withdraw his troops as soon as he could and put oil on his feet, but before he could leave, the greatest tragedy of the U.S. military in Syria happened. For China,

, this should not be about China. But one country after another is involved in the Middle East whirlpool, and it should not be a bad thing for the United States to be stuck in it. For the Syrian people, the U.S. Army is suffering, and the withdrawal of the U.S. Army is suffering too.

< p> In many cases, it's true that man is not as good as God, the great mire of the Middle East. U.S. Army, you just have to wait.

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