Abe should stop dreaming, not to mention Putin's refusal, even the Russian people protested collectively.

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Abe should stop dreaming, not to mention Putin's refusal, even the Russian people protested collectively.

2019-01-22 17:28:42 366 ℃
< p > The four northern islands are the "territory" Abe dreamed of. If he succeeds, Abe will "remain in the history of youth" and increase the chips for his re-election. But because the four northern islands are actually controlled by Russia, Abe has been close to Putin in recent years. Several times, when he saw Putin, he trotted to show his sincerity. At the same time, in order to increase the chips of "returning the islands", Abe spent a lot of careful thinking. He wrote several sincere letters to Putin, hoping to sincerely move him and let Putin in the four northern islands. There has been some relaxation on the island issue. But hard-line Putin refused Abe's proposal without compromise on territorial issues. And this hard-line attitude has affected Russia's top and bottom. Almost all Russians believe that the South Kuril Islands are legally acquired, and Japan should not embarrass Russia with this issue. Therefore, whether Abe broke his leg or tried his best, he could not shake Russia's determination that its sovereignty could not be negotiated. Recently, a group of Russians from the Far East held a rally in Moscow. They held the sign "Protect the territorial integrity of Russia and oppose handing over the South Thousand Islands to Japan", demanding that the government safeguard the territorial integrity of Russia and not listen to Abe's myths and return the South Thousand Islands to Japan. Not long ago, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also told Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono that in order to sign the peace treaty, Japan must first fully recognize the achievements of World War II, including Russia's indisputable sovereignty over the Yugoslavia Islands.

It seems that on the territorial issue, both senior Russian officials and ordinary people oppose the return of the South Thousand Islands to Japan. The reason is that if Japan does not recognize the outcome of World War II, and does not recognize the outcome of World War II, it means that Japan has not invaded other countries or invaded other countries, then it is illegal for Russia to occupy the South Kuril Islands. It can be seen that Japan is very shameless on this issue. Although Japan ranks among the top five in the world in terms of economic strength, it does not do as well as Germany in terms of historical reflection. Especially in recent years, under Abe's leadership, Japan's militarist ideology has been rising, leading to Japan's increasing defense expenditure and the increasing number of weapons purchased. In order to build an anti-Russian encirclement, Japan followed the United States to sanction Russia, deployed Aegis anti-missile system, and even held frequent Island seizure drills. These small actions are all to show the outside world that Japan is not too ambitious.

For such a country that does not thoroughly reflect on its crimes, the world has maintained a high degree of vigilance, not to mention Russia, which has territorial disputes with Japan. So Russia has repeatedly warned Japan not to join the anti-Russian camp against Russia. But in fact, it is no less difficult for the Abe government to give up following the United States. The reason is that the "Japan-US Security Treaty" has long established that Japan can only be a political dwarf. He has nothing to do but obey the orders of the United States. Not long ago, Japan decided to pay tens of billions of yen to buy an island to provide carrier-based aircraft training for the U.S. Army, because people opposed the construction of the U.S. military base. It is clear that Japan did everything it could to retain the U.S. Army. It's hard for Japan like

to expect him to break away from the West and admit World War II crimes. It is through Japan's wolf ambition that Russia will not give in to the issue of the South Thousand Islands. If Japan wants to sign a peace treaty with Russia, stop fighting the idea of the South Kuril Islands as soon as possible. Otherwise, Putin will not agree, even the Russian people will not agree.