Rare reference! This past weekend, all three Chinese embassies were angry.

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Rare reference! This past weekend, all three Chinese embassies were angry.

2019-01-22 17:28:44 383 ℃
< p > < strong > Reference News Network reported on January 21 < / strong > < / P > < p > This past weekend, trees want to be quiet and windy.

This kind of tranquility has both the persistence of old contradictions and the brewing of new waves. Among all kinds of murmurs, the response from the Chinese side sounds unusually loud --

"We hope that the Canadian side will think twice before moving on." This is the warning given to Canada by Chinese Ambassador to Canada Lushano on January 17, local time.

"(Swedish media) Such arguments have no factual basis and are purely fictional and irresponsible." This is the angry voice of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden on January 19.

"Calls on Spain to stop making irresponsible statements that interfere with China's judicial system." On January 20, the Chinese Embassy in Spain also issued the above statement in the official public number.


The three Chinese embassies abroad successively "angry" the host country government and the media, the frequency of voice is intensive, which is not common for diplomats on the front line.

In fact, although the three embassies have different suspicions and smears about the outside world, they all face western prejudices and arrogance. On Thursday (17), the Chinese Ambassador to Canada took the lead in launching the "diplomatic self-defense counterattack" in the face of the global media's argument.

This is also the first time that Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Lushaye, has focused on face-to-face interviews with Chinese and foreign media since the Sino-Canadian storm lasted for some time. The effect of this interview was direct and obvious

and then Ambassador Lu's name and his interview "Golden Sentences" on the global media "brush screen" lasted for the whole weekend.

and the 7514-word interview record, which is the headline of the news on the front page of the Embassy website, is a huge amount of information.

screenshot of the website of the Chinese Embassy in Canada

coincidentally, the latest statement appeared on the homepage of my Embassy in Spain just this past weekend. The statement, published on the official website of the Embassy on the 18th and on the official name of the Embassy on the 20th, made it clear from the outset that

expressed some recent Spanish official statements that the Chinese Embassy in Spain was deeply dissatisfied and difficult to understand.

A screenshot of the statement of the Chinese Embassy in Spain

is similar to the two embassies mentioned above. The Chinese Embassy in Sweden is also expressing its dissatisfaction and anger at the distorted image of China by some of the people in Sweden in its homepage statement:

Speaking on the recent false statements of some Swedish politicians and media concerning China. In a speech delivered on January 19, the author pointed out that "such arguments have no factual basis, are pure fiction and irresponsible." The anger of the Chinese Embassy prompted foreign media attention. As the Asian News Agency immediately wrote in its report, "The Chinese Embassy in Sweden expressed its dissatisfaction with the"totally irresponsible"security threat."

screenshot of the website of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden

has a justified position to refute rumors

and the three Chinese embassies have collective openings almost at the same time. What have they specifically talked about? What kind of warning has been issued? According to interviews from the website of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, Chinese Ambassador Lu Shaye answered 17 questions from Chinese and foreign media, covering sensitive issues such as the drug smuggling case of Shellenberg, the Huawei incident, the Sino-Canadian free trade negotiations and the future trend of Sino-Canadian relations. Whether a series of unpleasant events between China and Canada will have an impact on the bilateral free trade process, I think it is inevitable. To be honest, both sides had taken a positive attitude towards promoting the process of free trade, and had four rounds of exploratory discussions, which resolved most of the differences. But then a series of new factors emerged, which caused disruption and destruction to the process. None of these factors was caused by China. Lushano confessed.

Some people on the Canadian side blocked Huawei's participation in the 5G construction. He warned that we hope the Canadian government and relevant departments can make wise choices. As for the consequences of the Canadian government banning Huawei from participating in the 5G project, I don't know, but I believe there will be consequences.

In response to media questions, the Canadian government has been "helping hands" everywhere in recent days, and even threatened to "lodge a complaint" at the Worth Economic Forum to pressure China. Lusaye is also telling the Canadian side that resorting to "microphone" diplomacy and stirring up the problem is not conducive to solving the problem.

Foreign media coverage screenshot: "The Chinese Ambassador warned Canada not to pull gangs." With a large number of follow-up reports from foreign media, Chinese voices and positions have spread all over the world. On January 17, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation issued a statement expressing concern about the death penalty imposed on the Canadian Shellenberg in China and about the detention of Cummingkay and Michael Sparwell. The next day, the Spanish side waited for my embassy's statement: deep dissatisfaction and incomprehensibility!

"The Chinese Embassy in Spain also calls on the Spanish side to respect the spirit of the rule of law and China's judicial sovereignty and to stop making irresponsible statements interfering in China's judicial system." The statement said.

The Chinese Embassy in Spain's exterior scene

Compared with the so-called "democracy, human rights" double standards faced by the two embassies in the West, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden is naked rumors.

My embassy also mentioned briefly in its statement: "We have noticed that some Swedish politicians and media have recently called China a'security threat'and that China's foreign investment is a'worrying'..."

Statement refers to an expert from Sweden's Ministry of Defence who, if not someone else, advocates the "China Threat Theory" on local TV programs, claims that Sweden is facing a growing "security challenge" from China, and that the Arctic Station may serve China's military interests. He also claims that all Sino-Swiss civil cooperation is possible eventually. "Controlled by Chinese military departments".

In fact, the Arctic Station mentioned in his mouth is the first overseas satellite station in China. It was built in Sweden in 2016 by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Before that, the Swedish Space Research Center (SSC) has repeatedly guaranteed that the Arctic Station and its cooperation with China have purely civilian characteristics.

"Such subjective conjectures should be deliberately avoided." In my embassy statement, I have repeatedly refuted the above rumors.

Panorama of the satellite receiving station (Image Source: ESA)

Foreign netizens: "These Western countries are not better than bullies"

Do not spit out unhappy, there is reason, fire is open. Over the past week, China has faced unprecedented complexity in international public opinion, and the successive voices of the three Chinese embassies over the weekend are the best response to the current situation. Xiao Rui also noted that in recent days, the Chinese Embassy in the United States has also made intensive efforts to defend China's interests and dignity.

Open the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States. The latest two updates in the column of Sino-US relations on the homepage are Ambassador Cui Tiankai's "hard words" and "conscience and diligence" on Sino-US relations under the complex international public opinion situation.

Cui Tiankai

Speech by Ambassador Cui Tiankai at the International Symposium on Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, issued on January 19, criticized one by one after another some irrational doubts and fallacies concerning Sino-US relations. For example, one of the fallacies is that the U.S. policy toward China has failed in the past 40 years because China has not replicated the U.S. political and economic system.

"China has never had any idea of transforming the United States, and so far, no American government has formally taken changing China's social system, development path or ideology as its policy objective. Forty years ago, it was common interests and responsibilities that brought us together; today, it is also common interests and responsibilities that keep Sino-US relations moving forward." Cui Tiankai responded. However, Cui Tiankai pointed out that Sino-US relations have always been mutually beneficial and win-win. There is no evidence that the United States is a loser in Sino-US relations.

"China and the United States should strengthen cooperation, expand common interests and avoid vicious fights." Cui Tiankai emphasized this. In an interview with a domestic media released on January 20, Ambassador Cui Tiankai emphasized once again that the past 40 years have proved that Sino-US cooperation is the only right choice for both countries.

In response to the recent strong voices of many Chinese overseas agencies, including the Chinese Embassy in the United States, many domestic netizens have commented: "p>

It is worth mentioning that it is in the increasingly complex international public opinion environment that the timely counter-attack and rationale of China's diplomatic front line strive to make our voice heard by more people, but also invisible. From the root, it has changed the prejudice of the outside world, especially the western "audience":