Another country fought in disorder, more than 60 people were killed and injured! It's all the result of America's scourge.

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Another country fought in disorder, more than 60 people were killed and injured! It's all the result of America's scourge.

2019-01-22 17:28:48 402 ℃

Author: Zhang Yi; Pictures from the Internet

When the United States overthrows the regimes of other countries, it usually likes to say that it brings "modern civilization" to these countries, so that the people of these countries can live a "happy life". But the reality is often very "face-to-face", from Grenada to Iraq, every country that the United States has subverted is facing tremendous development difficulties. Recently, there has also been fierce conflict in Libya. The "good life" promised by the United States at that time is now only a piece of rubble.

On January 19, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the Ministry of Health of the Libyan Government of National Unity declared that a fierce armed conflict had just broken out in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, and that they were trying to organize rescue efforts. So far, at least 13 people have died and 52 others have been injured in the conflict, including many innocent women and children.

Both sides of the conflict are the security forces and other armed forces of the Libyan Government of National Unity. The reason for the conflict is that the security forces of the Government of National Unity believe that after the good offices of the United Nations, local armed elements did not comply with the provisions of the ceasefire agreement to withdraw from the military area of Tripoli, but suddenly launched an attack on the security forces of the Government of National Unity. The Ministry of Health of the Government of National Unity is unable to prevent the conflict. It can only appeal to all parties not to undermine humanitarian law and prevent the Ministry of Health from fulfilling its duties.

Nowadays, it is almost an "impossible task" to clarify the armed factions in the Libyan conflict. On the surface, the two "governments" of East and West are fighting for "orthodox status", but there are countless armed factions besides the "two giants". These include not only local warlords who are "self-reliant as king", but also many extremist armed groups. In order to control more resources, population and chassis, these factions are attacking each other and selling national resources to other countries. Countless foreign energy companies are controlling Libya's high-quality resources at very low prices, which is totally unthinkable in the Gaddafi era. The reason why the United States wanted to "kill Gaddafi" in that year was that the Obama administration wanted to shift the focus of American society on domestic failures and had nothing to do with "bringing civilization to the Libyan people". In the United States, many Libyans who do not know the truth believe that overthrowing Gaddafi will achieve "prosperity", so they use various forms to make trouble to the Gaddafi government. But behind the madness, few people seriously think about where the weapons and funds of the opposition came from. Why should the United States be so kind as to "send prosperity" to Libya? Less than a year after Gaddafi's murder, Libya plunged into civil war. Not only did the United States not "send prosperity", but it also "stripped" Libyans of everything they had before. As a country with very complex social structure, Libya has many powerful tribes and many social groups with modern political characteristics. To integrate such a complex country, powerful politicians must come to power. Conversely, without such a powerful politician, chaos could easily break out among the forces, which is why Libya became chaotic soon after Gaddafi's death.

Since Libya fell into civil war, NATO led by the United States has "selectively" forgotten this distressed place and devoted a lot of energy to disrupting Syria. At the time of Libya's chaos, the extremist organization "Islamic State" came in by storm. In February 2015, the armed capture of Sirte by the "Islamic State" shocked the whole world. To a certain extent, it forced all factions to unite to fight against extremist organizations. With the decline of extremist organizations in recent years, contradictions between parties have risen rapidly. Although national conflicts have not yet erupted, sporadic exchanges between different factions have never stopped. The conflict in Tripoli, the capital, shows that the tolerance of all parties has begun to reach its limit. Since all armed factions want to maximize their own interests, the contradiction of interests is almost irreconcilable. Once the extremist organizations are weak, the parties will fight for interests again. If the smoke comes back, the Libyan people, who have been in chaos for seven years, will have to continue to pay for the promised "good tomorrow" of the United States.