Significant! Trump was furious that the US and China Director of Intelligence had admitted that Iran had complied with the agreement.

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Significant! Trump was furious that the US and China Director of Intelligence had admitted that Iran had complied with the agreement.

2019-01-31 10:25:52 358 ℃
According to Russian Satellite News Agency, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director Haspel declared at the meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee that "at present Iran hopes to obtain investment from Europe through the Iranian nuclear agreement, but at the same time it is preparing to get rid of the agreement." The Iraqi side is now technically compliant with the agreement, but we think they are discussing what economic benefits they can derive from the agreement." Haspel's statement was interpreted by the media as acknowledging Iran's compliance with the Iranian nuclear agreement and immediately aroused the discontent of President Trump.

According to Russian Satellite News Agency, US President Trung tweeted in general that "people in the Intelligence Agency seem to be very negative and naive when they mention the dangers from Iran. In fact, they are wrong! When I was elected President, Iran created problems for the whole Middle East and the surrounding countries. Trump emphasized that Iran was a "source of potential danger and conflict", accusing Iran of its missile test program, saying that "there is a need for caution in Iran. Probably, intelligence needs to go back to school.

From Trump's aggressive remarks, we can see that the President of the United States not only hates Iran very much, but also hates the CIA very much. Because of his disgust, Trump will use such keywords as "negative", "naive" and "need to go back to school to study" to evaluate "his own people". If Haspel doesn't want to be the next "candidate" to be fired from office, she may need to respond to the president's accusations. But it is undeniable that Haspel's statement at the meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee is quite clear.

Moreover, in fact, Haspel's statement is not a big problem. Iran has indeed complied with the Iranian nuclear agreement. At least Iran has not sought to continue to develop nuclear weapons technology, which is a good thing for the Middle East, Europe and even the world. Trump is only concerned about Iran's ballistic missile problem, but ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons are not the same thing after all. Iran believes that the Iranian nuclear agreement does not prohibit the development of ballistic missiles, so Iran has not abandoned its ballistic missile development plan without developing nuclear weapons.

Iran's attitude towards abandoned ballistic missile technology is very strong, even for European countries, Iran does not intend to make any concessions on the issue of ballistic missiles. On January 29, Fox News reported that Iran's Defense Minister Khatami publicly stated, "The enemy said that Iran's missile project should be eradicated, but we have repeatedly reiterated that there is no room for negotiations on our missile project." In response to French Foreign Minister Ledrion's warning remarks on Iranian ballistic missiles, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Kasimi also made public clarification, saying that France had never consulted on the ballistic missile project. After the U.S. withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and the resumption of sanctions against Iran, Europe has shown a rare attitude of support for Iran. Britain, France and Germany are even planning to build a "special purpose tool" (SPV) to save trade with Iran. Even so, Iran is unwilling to make concessions to Europe on the issue of ballistic missiles, which shows that, in Iran's eyes, ballistic missiles It's really vital equipment. It is not without reason that Iran attaches importance to ballistic missiles. At present, Iran's biggest rival, the United States, is a nuclear power and a ballistic missile technology power, while Iran's secondary rival in the Middle East, Israel, is said to have certain nuclear power. Iran is now banned from developing nuclear weapons, and the only remaining strategic strike is its ballistic missile force. If Iran really abandons its military skills and cuts off its ballistic missile power, Iran's strategic deterrence capability will no longer exist, its status and influence in the Middle East will shrink dramatically, and the United States will no longer have any fear of Iran.

So it can be said that the hostility of the United States is also one of the important factors contributing to Iran's forcible development of ballistic missile technology. But the United States itself is reluctant to admit this, so it accuses Iran all the time. Haspel's words, to some extent, are true. Trump should really listen to them, not just criticize them. If it weren't for America's horizontal hegemony, Iran would not have been so tough. In fact, Iran's performance is much better than that of the more casual withdrawal of the United States. The United States really should not always think about blaming other countries, but should reflect more on what it has done.