Chvez took everything. We're going to take it back? Venezuelan Chinese also roared

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Chvez took everything. We're going to take it back? Venezuelan Chinese also roared

2019-01-31 10:25:51 326 ℃

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The situation in Venezuela is spreading with the involvement of the world's major powers. Today, Venezuelan society has split into two factions as the leader of the opposition, Guaido, becomes President on his own. More than 20 people have died and 791 have been arrested. If Maduro does not step down voluntarily, Venezuela will find it difficult to avoid a civil war in the future.

[What Venezuelan opposition should do is to mobilize the masses, rather than expecting American intervention]

It should be said that the opposition to Maduro in Venezuela still has a deep basis of public opinion, including Venezuelan Chinese people have stood up strongly against Maduro, claiming to take back the Chinese industry.

[Venezuelan Chinese leaders publicly declare that they want to recapture the Chinese industry that Chvez seized]

Perhaps it is strange that Venezuela is a country that is seldom mentioned in our news if it is not oil and anti-American news, why Chinese people will jump out to oppose it? What about Maduro? In fact, although the absolute number of Chinese in South America is small, their social and economic status may be beyond the expectation of many Chinese. There is a comment that Chinese and Jews are the two most business-oriented peoples in the world, which is also good for the Chinese in Venezuela.

[Chavez's nationalization reform has led to the evacuation of foreign capital, the bankruptcy of private enterprises, the corruption of officials and the collapse of the country]

Agnes Chan, the 9th leader of Venezuelan Chinese community, who is 75 years old, claims that the Chinese have monopolized Venezuelan's shipping industry and Food Canada through their unparalleled hard work. Industry even has mining rights. In Venezuela, the Chinese even own a 100-year-old bank, the Bank to Save the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, which was opened by Kang Youwei's followers in Venezuela. However, all this was taken away by Chavez's nationalization reform, which made the Chinese community extremely dissatisfied for a long time. In the Maduro era, Maduro inherited Chavez's policy and controlled Venezuela's economy. The Venezuelan government controls the distribution of food by selling oil money. Anyone who opposes Maduro can not get the food allocated by the government, so Maduro can win the election by this. Now Venezuela has Guaido in the lead, and Chinese people are certainly on the rise, hoping that this movement like the Orange Revolution will help Chinese people get back to their supermarkets, factories, banks and other industries.

[Kang Youwei and overseas Chinese leaders in Canada founded the "Protecting the Emperor Society" in North America and saved the Qing Emperor Company in full name. In the regulations of the Royal Society, it is clearly stipulated that the membership fee is 2 yuan per person. Subsequently, Kang Youwei's disciples went to the United States, Mexico, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and even South Africa. They established 11 associations and 103 associations with a membership of millions. Venezuela's Bank for the Rescue of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty was also founded at that time

but today's Venezuelan opposition is somewhat naive in political struggle. In a speech on January 28, Guaido propagated that "the latest US action in Latin America is about to take place, and the situation in Venezuela will be controlled by the US military." From what he said, we can see that the Venezuelan opposition has put its hopes entirely on the United States. But is America credible? From countless bloody facts, we can see that the United States is really hard to depend on.

[Maduro currently controls state-owned enterprises and basically controls the army, so Guaido is not yet able to pose enough challenges to him

[Venezuelan army may not support Maduro all the time, once Maduro can not satisfy their appetite, then a coup is very likely to happen, Venezuela's final winner is likely to be neither Maduro nor Guaido, probably a military government established by a military leader]

< when Maduro can not satisfy their appetite. However, in addition to the United States, Russia has also been deeply involved in Venezuela's political situation. Putin has made it clear that Russia opposes the use of force against Venezuela by any country. Russia's statement may also be a major factor preventing the United States from using force in the first place. Colombia, a pioneer in South America's anti-Venezuelan campaign, dared not support the U.S. aggressive pressure on Venezuela, and questioned the meaning of the U.S. National Security Adviser's "deployment of 5,000 U.S. troops in Venezuela's neighbouring countries". Colombia has explicitly rejected the use of Colombia by the U.S. military against Venezuela, believing that this is also related to Russia's rapid intervention.

[The opposition's attitude is still good]

[Maduro can only count on Russia to give him some strength at present]

If Maduro can not withstand the pressure and decides to hold a new general election, then we will probably step down in this situation. Two-handed preparations should be made. Even if Maduro does step down, the existing system will be difficult to change immediately. If Venezuelan Chinese want to fight for their rights and even regain the industry before the Chinese ethnic group, they may need to make greater efforts. Of course, the most important thing is to unite and speak with one voice. What's your opinion on < strong > Welcome to leave a message below for discussion! Attention to Wechat Public Number: History of War, many experts will continue to read for you in the public numbering. Independent major, there is a kind of material, please use Wechat to search for public numbers: history of war, watch all the history of war, political and military history wonderful insider interpretation.