The opposition was asked, "Do you owe China tens of billions of dollars?"

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The opposition was asked, "Do you owe China tens of billions of dollars?"

2019-01-31 10:25:56 204 ℃
On January 29, Gustavo Tarre, the special representative of Venezuela's opposition to the Organization of American States, made his first public speech at the Center for International Strategic Studies (CSIS) in Washington.

According to Phoenix Satellite TV report on January 30, Tar said that he would defend the legitimacy of Venezuela's interim government and said that general elections would be held as soon as possible; he believed that Russia had political ambitions in Venezuela, but China was mainly in economic interests. On the same day, in an interview with Phoenix Satellite Television, Tar expressed the opposition's wish to continue trade with China. The Venezuelan opposition will continue to abide by the agreements signed with China, repay China's loans and protect China's interests and property in Venezuela. Venezuela needs to continue exporting oil to China.

p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LDGWsOXlC"/>p>p>img src="/1ydzximg/0LDGWsEq9H"/>/p>p>Venezuela's Special Representative to the Organization of American States (Gustavo Tarre, middle), screenshot from CSIS

Reporter: Where does China borrow tens of billions of dollars from Venezuela?

Tal: If it is a legally signed loan, that's no problem. Venezuela is in debt as a country, and we will continue to repay the loan as long as those loans meet the requirements. Journalist

: What do you mean is that the opposition will continue to abide by the agreements previously agreed with China by the Maduro government?

Tal: We hope to establish a fair relationship with China. Maybe the business model will be different in the future, but China needs oil and we need to sell oil. Journalist:

Will China's interests and property in Venezuela be protected?

Tal: Absolute, absolute.

Screenshots from Phoenix Satellite TV Video

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said that China advocated that Venezuela's affairs must and can only be chosen and decided by the Venezuelan people themselves. Tar respected China's position and said it was essential to maintain close relations with China.

Tal: I respect China's position. We have no problem at all. Journalist

: If you could convey information to the Chinese government, what would you like to say?

Tal: Don't worry about Venezuela's new government.

On the 29th, the US State Department upgraded the travel warning level for Venezuela to the fourth highest level, suggesting that US citizens should not go there. Just six days ago, the U.S. government ordered the evacuation of non-emergency U.S. diplomats in Venezuela, saying that the U.S. government can only provide limited emergency services to U.S. citizens in Venezuela. Regarding the possibility of a military conflict in Venezuela, Tar said it depended on the Maduro regime. Journalist:

How worried are you about the security situation in Venezuela?

Tal: At present, we have no control over the security forces. This question should not be answered by me, but by Maduro.