This is the declaration of war, the escalation of the conflict, a matter of concern to the whole world.

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This is the declaration of war, the escalation of the conflict, a matter of concern to the whole world.

2019-01-31 10:25:56 262 ℃

Bloomberg reported today that the Venezuelan government applied to withdraw $1.2 billion of gold from the Bank of England, but this application was rejected and the existence of the Bank of England gold in Venezuela was frozen.

The fact that the wealth of a sovereign government has been frozen by another country means a state of war, which is contrary to international law and means a substantial escalation of the conflict.

The United States Government lobbied the British Government immediately after it learned that Venezuela wanted to extract gold from the Bank of England, which shows that the lobbying of the United States Government played a role.

Here are U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and U.S. National Security Adviser Bolton, two White House hawks and Trump's two big hawks. < p > < p > Poor Venezuela, which had only 8 billion US dollars in foreign exchange reserves, has now frozen its 1.2 billion US dollars in gold reserves by the UK. In this way, the economic situation is worse. Venezuela's economy has deteriorated not only because of its own problems, but also because of the severe sanctions imposed by Trump, which has cut off all financial contacts between Venezuela and the outside world. It is the second time Venezuela has asked for the return of its own gold and has been refused. It is a profound lesson.

Last year the Venezuelan government requested the return of $550 million worth of gold from the Bank of England, which the British government refused for the first time.

Just now, the Venezuelan government asked for another $1.2 billion worth of gold to be returned, which was also rejected. Many people would ask why Venezuela's gold increased at the Bank of England?

Knowing that gold belonging to its own country could not be returned and increasing its gold storage at the Bank of England, is it not a very foolish act?

In fact, this is due to the Venezuelan government's repayment. The loans owed to the German banks were secured by gold, which was released by the Bank of England.

For the first time, the Venezuelan government was refused to return gold, and the charges were unnecessary. The British government was to prevent money laundering by the Venezuelan government.

This is a very funny reason. If the Venezuelan government wants to prevent money laundering, they should refuse when they deposit gold, not when they want to return it.

The Venezuelan government was refused to return gold for the second time, and the charges were amusing. The British government said that the gold belonged to the Venezuelan people and should be taken care of by the Venezuelan people. It's strange why the Venezuelan people refused to deposit the gold when they did not say it was the gold of Venezuelan people. Anyway, they just wanted to find a reason.

In fact, behind all this is the obstruction of the United States, which is preparing to attack Venezuela, or even to invade Venezuela militarily, so Trump asked the Western countries to launch the most severe sanctions against Venezuela, including freezing Venezuelan government property.

Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chvez still had the foresight to ship 160 tons of gold from the United States and Europe back to Venezuela before his death. If not, Venezuela will suffer even more losses, not just as little gold as $1.2 billion, but more massive freezing of gold. Now Venezuela's economy is worsening, with only $8 billion in foreign exchange reserves, of which $1.2 billion in gold has been frozen, and I am afraid it will be even more stretched.

This is not the most serious because foreign exchange reserves have been frozen, which is the frozen stock wealth. Now Trump said that further sanctions will be imposed on Venezuela, which means that Venezuela's new wealth will also be seriously damaged.

This sanction is even more serious. Trump Group said that the imposition of an oil embargo on Venezuela would not be ruled out, which means that all Venezuela's economic sources have been cut off.

This is a disastrous blow to Venezuela's economy, as more than 90% of the country's fiscal revenue comes from oil exports.

We should know that Trump imposed the most severe sanction on Iran, which was to ban Iran's oil exports, but it was strongly opposed by Europe and Russia.

Now if Trump imposes an oil embargo on Venezuela, Europe will certainly not support Venezuela, which will make the situation in Venezuela more difficult. In this situation, every country should be highly vigilant and vigilant against this kind of behavior of the United States, reduce its dependence on the United States dollar as soon as possible, and reduce the existence of gold in the United States and Britain, because the United States dollar and gold have become the sanctions tool of the United States, which has become a matter of concern for all countries.

Germany has shipped back the gold that exists in the United States, Turkey has also shipped back the gold that exists in Europe and the United States. Germany and Turkey will not hesitate to tear their faces with the United States, but will return the gold, which shows that the credit of the United States has declined too much. < p > < p > Russia has sold almost all of its US Treasury bonds, drastically reducing the dollar's share in order to prepare for the rainy day.

Germany, Turkey, Russia and other countries are unwilling to see sanctions imposed by the United States, and they do not want their national wealth frozen by the United States, so they have adopted the way of returning gold and selling U.S. debt to declare a break.

and France are also selling a large amount of US Treasury bonds, and the French government sells US treasury bonds by $30 billion a month, which is also due to fears about the extreme actions of the Trump government. The experience of Venezuela tells us that today's world is still the jungle law, backwardness is to be beaten, and small countries have no dignity.

The wealth of a sovereign state is frozen at will, which is an act of war, and no country can tolerate such humiliation.

Someone once asked Russian President Putin what would happen if the United States froze the U.S. Treasury bonds held by the Russian government?

Putin said that if all this happened, it would mean the coming of nuclear war. Putin's words are very powerful, but other small and weak countries do not have nuclear weapons, they can only become slaughtered lambs, Venezuela is. < p > < p > 2019 is doomed to be uneven, whether Syria in the Middle East or Venezuela in South America, smoke is everywhere, and the noise of war is still not gone.

No matter how developed the economy is, a country needs its own strong military strength to protect its own wealth. Only in this way can it protect its own wealth from being plundered. In Song Dynasty of China, the economy was so developed, but the force was not very strong. As a result, peace was bought with money, but in the end, the shame of Jingkang could not be avoided. At present, China must have its own strong military force, strong military deterrence, and good asset allocation. Concentration risk should not be too great.

Whether it is Syria, Venezuela or Iraq in the past, it is the victims of the plunder of oil wealth. Historic stories are still repeating, which teaches us a profound lesson!