Meng's evening boat has not been released yet. Canada took the initiative to lose an ambassador to China!

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Meng's evening boat has not been released yet. Canada took the initiative to lose an ambassador to China!

2019-01-31 10:26:00 298 ℃
The struggle of

is becoming more and more exciting.

< p > < p > < p > < p > < strong > Meng Wanzhou has not yet been released, and Canada has voluntarily lost an ambassador to China.

On January 26, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement, the day before that, " I have asked and accepted the resignation of Canadian Ambassador to China ".

According to this statement, McJialian's resignation will take effect immediately, and the Vice-President of the Canadian Embassy in China will represent Canada as "agent" in China.

seems to express some regret. Trodo also praised McCartney's performance in the past 20 years and thanked him for his excellent service to Canadians.

"When he was Minister of Immigrant Refugees and Civil Affairs, he received more than 39500 Syrian refugees, which still inspires Canadians and is a global example. I thank him and his family for their service over the years. Trudeau said so. Even so outstanding, Trudeau did not hesitate to fire McAleen's squid.

True did not explain the specific reasons, but it is generally believed that the cause of the incident was McAlan's remarks on the sensitive Meng Wanzhou incident. In an interview with the media,

, McJialian was honest and believed that there were three possible options to solve the case.

One is the extradition of Meng Wanzhou. This "won't be a happy ending, and it may take years." Meng Wanzhou can appeal against extradition. The second option is that the United States waives its extradition request. That's great for Canada. The third option of

is the release of Meng Wanzhou by Canadian courts on the ground that the American side's request is unfounded.

McKallian believes that even if extradition started, Meng had "strong arguments" against being extradited to the United States because "Trump said in his speech that there might be political involvement in her case"; moreover, Canada did not follow the United States in imposing the same sanctions on Iran, so when Canadian courts held a court case against the extradition of Meng Yanzhou from the United States. At the trial, the senior Huawei executive had a strong defense.

Of course, McAlan also said that he provided only personal opinions, but was unable to decide what to do. As an ambassador to China, he was unwilling to see the relationship between China and Canada develop like this. He hoped that China and the United States could reach an agreement as soon as possible and not let the Canadian card be in the middle.

It's quite true! Many foreign media believe that this is the clearest statement made by Canadian officials so far on the Meng Wanzhou incident, which also implies that Meng Wanzhou may not be extradited to the United States.

But this pertinent remark clearly embarrasses the Canadian government.

Many politicians attacked McJialian and asked him to resign. On January 24, Trudeau also said he would not recall or dismiss McAleen because of this, because it would "not be of any help" in resolving the Sino-Canadian conflict.

But one day later, Trudeau, who did not seem to be able to withstand the pressure, fired McAleen's squid.

Canada seems to have begun to pay the price for the case of Meng Wanzhou.

Finally, three superficial opinions are as follows:

1, Canada is not human inside or outside.

The arrest must have offended the Chinese, and the release of people is afraid of offending the Americans. If extradition is true, Canada must also weigh the consequences. Canada now finds out that this is a hot potato. This foolish act of taking chestnuts from the fire was decided by someone who lacked the heart and eyes at that time. It's not a legal issue, and if you don't believe McAlan, you won't say that.

< p> < strong > 2, the Canadian political arena is also divided.

McKallian told the truth, the best result is that the United States took the initiative to give up the extradition request, Canada on Amitabha Buddha. This is not McAlan's opinion. Canadian Ambassador to the United States McNorton complained that Canadian citizens were "punished" and that "the United States is the one who strongly demands law enforcement, but it is us who pays the price." Of course, based on political correctness, these opponents dare not speak out. The struggle continues. On January 25, Wang Yi, who was visiting Europe when asked how to view some countries'repression of Huawei and other Chinese enterprises, clearly pointed out that the right and wrong of is very clear. Without any evidence, it is neither fair nor ethical to use state power to smear and crack down on specific enterprises.

< p> China has always advocated harmony as the most precious way to generate wealth through harmony. But China is not without means, and the struggle will become more and more exciting. How to put it? From the most positive point of view, our generation has caught up. Before

, Wang Yi made it clear in a public speech that:

We are always concerned about the safety and warmth of every Chinese compatriot abroad, and will never stand idly by and spare no effort to safeguard the Chinese public. The legitimate rights of the people also provide justice and justice in the world.

Don't say it's unpredictable!