Explosive news! The Queen of England is abdicating secretly

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Explosive news! The Queen of England is abdicating secretly

2019-02-09 09:17:43 911 ℃
Recently, the British royal family ushered in a new milestone: the British Queen has been on the throne for 67 years. The Royal Cavalry Artillery Team fired salutes to celebrate it, but the Queen herself would not take part in public celebrations.

On the same day, the British media came out with an explosive news that the Queen was quietly preparing for Charles's succession, and she was likely to abdicate in advance!

According to British media reports, the Queen is still the British monarch nominally, but in fact, she is slowly letting go in preparation for Charles's succession to the throne. According to the Daily Star,

sources inside the Royal Family revealed: "Although these changes are small, they are happening and there will be more. "

One of the obvious changes is that in recent years, Prince Charles began to brush his sense of existence frequently, attend Royal activities frequently, and make public appearances in the media. Before

, British tabloids always exposed Prince Charles'black material from time to time. Not long ago, there was a 52-year-old Australian named Simon Taolunt-Dai who claimed to be the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla.

In the hearts of the British people, the old prince's status is not high, even less than his son Prince William. Earlier this year, a poll showed that 43% of Britons said they hoped the Queen would skip Prince Charles and succeed Prince William directly after she resigned.

In addition to Charles, his wife Camilla is also unpopular. When the British were asked who they most wanted to be the future queen, Camilla's approval ratings fell far behind the late Princess Diana.

as the future monarch, but so unpopular with the public, think also for Charles. In order to prepare for his succession, Charles had to work hard to improve his public image. According to statistics, British royal members attended a total of 3900 events last year, of which Charles attended 507, harder than the "model worker" queen attending 293 events, and was the busiest member of the Royal family. Prince Charles visited 10 overseas countries last year and plans to visit Cuba this year. This is the first time that the British royal family has visited Cuba. The Queen has not made any overseas visits since she turned 90.

This year is also very special. Usually, the Queen will return to London on the second or second working day of her father's death anniversary (that is, February 6). However, on February 6 this year, she decided to stay in Sandringham and spend the weekend with Prince Philip who retired from Hugh before returning to Kensington. The Palace. In addition to

, the Queen is gradually fading out of public view and handing over important activities to Prince Charles. In the past, the royal family held Memorial Day ceremonies in November every year. The Queen laid flowers in front of the monument. Two years ago, the queen retreated to the balcony of the Foreign Ministry building and Charles laid a wreath on behalf of her.

Daily Express said Charles was expected to be busier in the Year of Pigs. Just this month, Kensington Palace released a recruitment announcement to find personal assistants for Charles and Camilla. The evidence of

shows that not only the Queen but also the royal family are preparing for Charles's succession to the throne. The question then arises: will the aging queen abdicate ahead of time?

Royal sources said that although she would never resign from Her Majesty, she would devote her life to the throne, according to the Regent Act, two years later, when the Queen was 95 years old, Parliament would propose the Regent Act established in 1937.

This means that Prince Charles will become Regent, while Her Majesty is still the Queen nominally, but her workload will be greatly reduced.

In 1947, Elizabeth II said in her radio address on her 21st birthday: "I swear to all of you that my whole life, long or short, will be dedicated to serving you." Four years later, George VI, who suffered from lung cancer, died in his sleep. Elizabeth II, who was visiting Kenya at the time, was in no time to heal the wounds of his bereaved relatives. He hastily succeeded to the throne and became Queen of England. Over the past 67 years, the Queen has gone through so many storms, from "Black Swan" to "Hell-style" negotiations, and now has to start preparing for another milestone in the royal family (

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