Did Italy break Marklong's court? France, by the way, warned Germany of its worst move in 80 years

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Did Italy break Marklong's court? France, by the way, warned Germany of its worst move in 80 years

2019-02-09 09:17:46 292 ℃

This Spring Festival, fireworks and firecrackers are obviously much less, but Europe has been making a lot of smoke recently. France announced the recall of its ambassador to Italy on February 7, the first time in nearly 80 years. On June 10, 1940, Italy declared war on France. France recalled its ambassadors, and then 32 Italian divisions were held on the ground by six French divisions for a good friction. Paris, with its psychological advantages, has urged Italy to be upright and friendly with France in a pedagogical way. The cause of the incident is that Italy openly supports the "yellow vest" in the French riots, and France warns Italy that such acts are "intolerable provocations"!

Marklong always gives himself the color of "father of European integration". Unfortunately, few countries eat this set. The Italian side not only supported the "yellow vest" movement, but also encouraged the French people not to vote for Macron. Italian Deputy Head of State Di Mayo (who is also the convenor of the populist Five-Star Movement) met with the "Yellow vest" campaigners and praised their plans to participate in European elections. In Dimayo's eyes, Mauron may be more like a hypocrite. The French demand that Italy's budget deficit not exceed 3% of GDP, but open up its own net.

If Paris is wiser, it should understand the truth that "flies don't bite seamless eggs". All the loopholes are due to the deterioration of the situation within France. On February 5, the "yellow vest" merged with French trade union organizations for the first time, and tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets. Among them, there are about 30,000 people in Paris and about 300,000 people in the whole country. The Eiffel Tower was closed because of a strike and was seen as a symbol of the success of the protests. The protestors'appeals included higher wages, fair taxation and lower tuition fees. This is a difficult obstacle for Mark Long, after all, three feet of ice is not a day's cold. Simply blaming Italy for its helplessness.

Paris is angry, I am afraid that Italy is deliberately smashing the floor. As the second largest recipient of foreign investment in Europe, France has always wanted to take advantage of Britain's "exit" to make a windfall and swallow the "gift pack". On January 22, Marklong hosted the "Choose France" summit at Versailles Palace, trying to persuade big companies and industry leaders to attract more investment for France and enhance its attractiveness to multinational enterprises. France has also designated 50 enterprises as key public relations targets. It is said that on that day, Marklong ordered four or five enterprises to decide to expand their investment in France. Overall, Marklong hopes to take the opportunity of Britain's breaking away from Europe to re-launch the "French brand" and introduce a series of preferential policies to restore France's attractiveness and influence in the run-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics. For foreign enterprises, a stable society is essential for investment. Despite Marklong's efforts to expand France's development space and international horizons since he came to the Elysee Palace, Trump has even been shaping a strong image. All his efforts are aimed at convincing international capital that France's reform is not only sincere, but also effective. But the Italian side ruthlessly broke the new clothes of "French Attractive Diplomacy" and refocused the attention of the outside world on the French civil strife. In addition to

, the presence of Germany dwarfs that of France. In 2017, France accounted for only 12.9% of the total exports of goods and services in the euro area, which was much lower than 17% in 2000. The withdrawal of foreign capital from Britain will certainly take France into account, but if we take into account the factors of manufacturing technology, the level of financial industry institutionalization, population quality and so on, Germany will have the upper hand. It must be noted that the headquarters of the European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt, not Paris.

seems to be a warning to Germany that France has recently made a major change. According to foreign media reports on February 7, France has made it clear that it will vote against the "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline project. Germany is isolated. Marklong has emphasized a close partnership with Merkel since he was elected president. Visitors believe that France's attitude towards "Beixi-2" may cause serious cracks in the German-French axis of the European Union. German media reported on January 27 that the United States had once again put pressure on the European Union to suspend the construction of Beixi-2. As we all know, the United States wants to shut down the "Beixi-2" gas pipeline project, not out of love for Ukraine, but from its own commercial interests. The United States has become the world's number one oil and gas producer, fiercely competing with Russia for the European market. About 60% of German natural gas imports come from Russia, which is crucial for energy security. If Beixi-2 is built as planned in 2019, it will be able to supply 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually to Germany in the initial stage.

Drunk does not mean wine. France knocks on Germany and repairs Italy. Perhaps the main reason lies in the competition for resources. In November 2018, the German side persuaded France to give up its seat as a "permanent member of the United Nations" to the European Union. Perhaps it also made France feel obliged to find an opportunity to knock Germany out and avoid Berlin coming out from time to time like Italy without a clue.

France is under internal pressure, putting the pursuit of its own interests first again, no longer seeking European integration, let alone putting the overall situation first, which is an important signal. Britain has withdrawn from the group. For Italy, which has always wanted to work alone, it is better to break up late than early, leaving Germany alone. It is good news for the United States that the European Union will not be a big success. In Marklong's view, showing tough tactics to Germany and Italy would help shift internal contradictions and pressures and establish authority. But for France, the pursuit of short-term interests and the abandonment of long-term interests are obviously overdraft of the future and exhaustive fishing. In short, France is not a safe haven for capital, but the East is more hopeful. (End)

Note: This is the original manuscript of "Overseas Visitors".