The media broke Trudeau's lies: Do you think the Chinese will believe you again?

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The media broke Trudeau's lies: Do you think the Chinese will believe you again?

2019-02-09 09:17:47 380 ℃

Yesterday, Universal Post, the mainstream Canadian media, exposed a stunning scandal: the Canadian Prime Minister's Office recently used political pressure to interfere with justice in order to"protect"the next Canadian company facing corruption and fraud charges! In the context of the Huawei executives case, the scandal showed the Canadian government's "double-label" face, which immediately attracted the attention of Canadian and Chinese public opinion.

According to the Canadian Globe Post, from 2001 to 2011, SNC-Lavalin, a large engineering company from Quebec, Canada, offered "millions" of huge bribes to the then Libyan government in order to obtain projects in Libya, an African country. After

, the case began to be investigated by Canadian police in 2015. SNC-Lan Wanling, however, argued that the matter should not rise to such a serious extent, on the grounds that the executives engaged in illegal activities had left their jobs and the company had rectified after that.

So the big company, which has built many infrastructure projects in Canada, began to lobby the Canadian government through "lobbyists" in the hope that the government could "open up the Internet", such as referring to the laws of the United States and Britain, allowing companies to sign a "deferred prosecution agreement" with the government in exchange for officials by paying fines, abandoning illegal earnings and making corrections as required by the government. Abandon criminal proceedings against the company.

A set of data given by the Canadian Globe Post shows that since 2017, SNC-Lanwanling lobbyists have held more than 50 meetings with officials of the Canadian Federal Government and relevant members of Parliament to discuss "legal affairs", including 14 meetings with senior officials of the Prime Minister's Office, such as Ted. Rudo's secretary and senior adviser.

screenshot from Globe Post of Canada

but in October last year, SNC-Lan Wanling suffered a major setback. The prosecutors of the Canadian government did not intend to accommodate the company and intend to continue to file criminal proceedings.

The Canadian Globe Mail quoted "anonymous sources" as saying that the Canadian Prime Minister's office had exerted tremendous pressure on Jody Wilson-Raybould, then Canada's attorney general, to let prosecutors take the overall situation first and consider more about the series of innocent shares that the company would cause if prosecuted. East China and the negative effects of workers'employment, give up prosecution.

screenshot from Globe Post of Canada

, however, the female attorney general resisted the pressure of the Prime Minister and did not press the prosecutor. As a result, according to the Canadian Globe Post, she was prone to "political retaliation" on January 14, and left the judiciary after Trudeau's "demotion" to take charge of "veteran affairs". The screenshot of

from the Canadian Globe Post report

is even more odd that Ms. Wilson-Reebolds, who refused to tell the media about this, issued a long statement after she was demoted. On the one hand, she listed her achievements during her tenure, on the other hand, she also "abnormally" stressed that the judiciary should be "independent" of politics.

screenshot from Globe Mail of Canada

Meanwhile, David Lametti, the new attorney general who replaced her, is widely regarded as changing the disadvantage of large enterprises before SNC-Lan Wanling. Not only did he come from Quebec, the "home" of SNC-Lan Wanling, but he was also promoted directly from the "back-row senator" status by Trudeau at that time. On the other hand, the Canadian Globe Post also disclosed that the Trudeau government, in order to protect SNC-Lan Wanling from criminal prosecution, amended the Canadian Criminal Code last year to allow illegal Canadian enterprises and prosecutors to sign "deferred prosecution agreements" similar to those in the United Kingdom and the United States. The newspaper also quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that the purpose of the amendment was to give "green light" to "SNC-Lan Wanling". Otherwise, once the company is convicted, it will not be able to participate in government projects for the next 10 years, which will inevitably lead to a large number of layoffs. Above that is the main content of the Canadian government's direct interference in justice in order to protect SNC-Lan Wanling, a large engineering enterprise in Canada, exposed in the Canadian Globe Post. In the current tense Sino-Canadian relations triggered by Huawei's senior management case, this exposure also directly disgraced Prime Minister Trudeau, who had repeatedly declared that "Canada is an independent judicial country and that politics can not interfere in justice".

So, he has also made a public "clarification" to the media, saying that neither he nor his Prime Minister's office had ever done any political interference in justice, and in turn accused the Canadian Globe Post of false news.

But some conscientious Canadian media reporters continue to ask: after this incident, do you think that people in China will still believe what you call "Canadian justice is not subject to political interference"?

Canadians themselves are beginning to doubt it anyway. Just a few hours ago, a recent commentary in the Canadian Globe Post wrote that if the exposure of SNC-Lan Wanling is true, then Canada is not a country that respects the rule of law. <<




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