Another vicious battle: the United States just released an important report, splashing dirty water on China

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Another vicious battle: the United States just released an important report, splashing dirty water on China

2019-02-09 09:17:51 297 ℃

Author: Inequality will ring


This will be another vicious battle!

On February 5, the website of the Ministry of Commerce announced that the Office of the United States Trade Representative issued the 2008 Report on China's Implementation of WTO Commitments in accordance with the usual practice. As in the past, the report is not based on WTO agreements and multilateral rules, but on the domestic laws of the United States to blame China for its implementation of WTO commitments. It has no factual basis at all. In recent years, the United States has not recognized China's market economy status, believing that China has taken advantage of the rest of the world to achieve today's achievements through unfair operation, and that the United States is the biggest "victim". These accusations are just one of the words of the U.S. government, aiming at splashing dirty water on China and isolating China. After Trump was elected President of the United States,'The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a disaster, which makes it almost impossible for the United States to do business!'Such complaints almost became the business man's mantra, and it became a routine operation for the United States to discredit China's failure to fulfil its commitments since China's accession to the WTO. The United States, once a global champion, went to the opposite side of free trade, and Trump threatened it several times. Quit WTO.

The U.S. Trade Representative also submitted a special report to Congress last year, claiming that "the conditions under which the United States supports China's accession to the WTO are wrong, because the rules of the WTO are not enough to curb China's market distortions". Not long ago, U.S. Ambassador to the World Trade Organization Shea once again increased his firepower, accusing China of making use of its membership in the World Trade Organization for its own benefit.

Americans cried their fathers and mothers to accuse China of violating the rules of the World Trade Organization, but strangely, they did not dare to complain to the World Trade Organization when they had suffered a great loss. Instead, they chose to submit a report to Congress. Such amusing behavior does not conform to the aggressiveness of Americans. It also shows that Trump's government is very modest while openly playing hooliganism. < p > < p > (2) < / P > < p > data is a good thing and the most powerful tool to uncover the American shroud. Since the establishment of WTO, 117 cases have been prosecuted by the United States, 138 cases have been prosecuted by the United States, and about 70% of the cases have been found to violate WTO rules. In particular, almost all of the anti-dumping and countervailing measures of the United States have been found to be irregularities, while only 37 cases have been prosecuted by China.

This did not arouse the reflection of the United States, on the contrary, the WTO was strongly retaliated by the United States. After Trump came to power, the U.S. government stepped up its efforts to directly block the selection of new judges to fill the vacancies of retired judges. As a result, the appeal body, which should have seven judges, now has only four, and is in danger of closing its doors. The referees were sent off. The international community knows what the United States is going to do next.

Almost everyone with a little normal thinking will admit that while gaining its own interests, China has fulfilled its obligations after joining the WTO and fulfilled the promises made in the WTO accession agreement. This is a win-win relationship between China and the world, not a win-win relationship between whoever loses and whoever wins. When former Director-General Lamy warned of the unilateralism of the Trump Administration of the United States, he strongly accused Trump of sending a very confusing signal to the outside world, and repeatedly stressed that China had fulfilled its commitment to join the WTO in 2001, and that China's performance after entering the WTO was "A+".

During the seventh WTO Trade Policy Review on China in 2018, the other member states, except the United States, almost unanimously commented positively on China's economic and trade policy orientation and implementation of its commitments, and appreciated China's contribution to the multilateral trading system. It is well known that after China's accession to the WTO, China has continuously deepened its reform and opening-up, which has provided tremendous opportunities for trade partners all over the world, whether developed or developing, and also brought tremendous opportunities to the United States. None of the WTO members suffered from economic deterioration or losses after China's accession to the WTO.

One International Organization estimates that China's economic growth has contributed nearly 30% to the world economy since its entry into WTO. China's imports of goods grew by an average of 13.5%, twice the growth rate of world imports, and China has become the second largest export market of the United States. The United States'exports of goods to China grew by 86%, and its exports of services to China increased by three times.


2018, the White Paper of China and the World Trade Organization issued by the Chinese Government comprehensively introduces China's practice of fulfilling its commitment to WTO accession, at the same time, it also expounds China's vision and actions to promote a higher level of opening up, including further opening up China's financial sector, strengthening intellectual property protection, and creating more absorption. Attractive investment environment, active expansion of imports and other practical measures. All these reflect China's commitment to the world as a responsible power in the process of economic globalization. The United States, on the contrary, has failed to fulfil its contractual commitments 15 years after China's accession to the WTO, and has always played a role in suppressing China and undermining the WTO framework in an attempt to curb the momentum of China's economic development. In the past 10 years, the United States has launched nearly 300 "double-counter investigations" against China. While Americans are enjoying "Made in China", they are spitting out "big sword" to hurt China. Trump only wants to enjoy the benefits of WTO rules, does not want to assume any WTO obligations, and from time to time makes the voice of withdrawing from WTO, which distorts China to an unimaginable extent.

The United States is not a responsible power to blame blindly for no reason, or to act irrationally and threaten with a big stick. The results also repeatedly show that the United States will ultimately achieve nothing in doing so. China's success is the success of the objective law of market economy, not the human resources.

If God wants to destroy a man, he must first make him mad. These abnormal actions in the United States are not much worse than madness, and really nobody. If the United States now breaks down the world trade order it has built, the international community may find that getting rid of the United States and rebuilding the world trade order may not be as bad as it imagines. By then, the United States will have no chance. Let the bullet fly a little longer.