Long live Putin? Large-scale demonstrations broke out in Central America, denouncing the ungratefulness of the government and supporting the United States Emperor.

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Long live Putin? Large-scale demonstrations broke out in Central America, denouncing the ungratefulness of the government and supporting the United States Emperor.

2019-02-18 18:32:30 281 ℃
The demonstrators shouted a startling slogan:'Long live Putin, overthrow the US Emperor, the government must not forget its gratitude!'


Haiti has a large number of nationals who have long been dissatisfied with the pro-US corruption of the government, while the current Haitian government decided to stand in the United States and interfere directly in Venezuela's internal affairs, which is regarded as ungrateful by the people, and has become a spark that ignited the anger of the people of the country . Because the United States has always adopted the policy of interfering in Haiti's internal affairs, Haiti's traditional public opinion is anti-American. Left-wing parties have successfully achieved control of the government through free elections on many occasions in history. Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chvez also learned from Haiti's experience before returning to his country and successfully elected to the presidency. After taking office in Venezuela, Chavez knew that Venezuela could not resist the United States by its strength, so he vigorously pursued the "Caribbean Oil" family policy in Central America to provide cheap crude oil for small countries. Venezuela requires only 60% of the oil price to be paid by these small countries, with the balance converted to 25-year low-interest loans with an annual interest rate of only 1%, to help these poor "brothers" develop their economies while avoiding the squeeze of the international financial organizations controlled by the United States. Therefore, Chavez and Venezuela are regarded as great saviors and benefactors in Haiti, Dominica and other Central American countries ; Chavez also has deep resentment with the United States.

On January 10, the "Day of Disgrace" in the minds of Haitian citizens

Haiti and its neighbouring Dominican Republic have suffered from the scourge of war, coup and turmoil provoked by the United States in their history. Dominica was invaded twice by the United States and thousands of people died in the war. Haiti suffered numerous coups supported by the United States, which killed nearly 20,000 people in 1991 and 2004. In 2008, Haiti's democratically elected government decided to join Venezuela's "Caribbean Oil" program. In 2010, Haiti suffered a major earthquake. Former President Clinton of the United States, President of the International Disaster Relief Organization, took the opportunity to "replace" the Haitian government and support the current President Moise to come to power.

Moyce, after coming to power, was corrupt, did not continue to invest the low-interest loans received in the development of people's livelihood in accordance with Venezuela's contract requirements, or even stopped paying Venezuela oil money, so he had actually withdrawn from Venezuela's "Caribbean Oil" program by the end of 2017.

When Venezuela's opposition announced the establishment of a new government at the beginning of this year, most Central American countries "thanked Dade" and still firmly supported the Maduro regime. However, after the first announcement by the United States of recognition of the opposition leader Guaido as Venezuela's "legitimate interim president", on January 10, most North and South American countries, including two Central American countries, Haiti and Dominica, jointly declared recognition of the Guaido regime as Venezuela's legitimate government.

The Haitian Government's "ingratitude" decision finally aroused the anger of Haitian nationals. On February 6, a large-scale anti-government demonstration broke out in Haiti. Demonstrations have continued to this day, growing in scale, and the Haitian government has been asked to explain the direction of low-interest loans provided by Venezuela in the past 10 years, and to stop supporting U.S. interference in Venezuela's internal affairs. The most frightening thing for the United States is that the Haitian parade shouted "Long Live Putin", directly demanding that Russia, which has never been involved in Haiti, send troops to Haiti. Will the demonstrations in Haiti spread to other Central and South American countries? Let's wait and see.