Under the cover of the night, the US military transported 50 tons of gold out of Syria.

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Under the cover of the night, the US military transported 50 tons of gold out of Syria.

2019-03-01 15:46:58 272 ℃

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria "wants to leave and remain", but obviously speeded up the pace of plundering wealth and launching war-torn wealth. According to the Syrian news agency, about 50 tons of gold have recently been shipped by the US military from Syria.

The news agency quoted informants as saying that 40 tons of gold were "donations" of Syrian anti-government militants in exchange for U.S. military protection of their R. The gold is the result of years of looting by terrorists, hiding in the outskirts of Bagohuz residential area in Syria's Dalzur province. The area is one of the last strongholds of the Syrian rebels and is currently under siege by the US military.

Another 10 tons of gold were collected by the US military in other terrorist positions.

Narrative said that in order to hide people's eyes and ears, the US military used helicopters to transport the gold out of Syria under the cover of night. Analysts at

pointed out that it was no news for the US military to strike and shelter terrorists in the narrative area. In the context of the decisive victory in the war against terrorism, terrorists are also likely to spend a lot of money on their lives. Anyway, these plundered wealth can no longer be taken away by themselves.

However, the gold should be obtained by terrorists looting state-owned banks in Syria and should be returned to the Syrian authorities. The smuggling of the gold by the U.S. military is not conducive to worsening Syria's desperate need for reconstruction funds.

For countries in turmoil, the United States is better at "picking chestnuts in the fire" than "sending charcoal in the snow". Recently, Russia's Permanent Resident to the United Nations in Nebianja criticized in the Security Council that while the United States provided humanitarian assistance to Venezuela in a false way, it froze the assets of Venezuelan government and enterprises in the banks of the United States and Britain, which could have been used to buy food, medicine and daily necessities for Venezuelan people.

Niebenja's original words are: "Washington and London have plundered the Venezuelan people's total oil and banking assets of $30 billion only recently. All parties have witnessed the brutal plunder of a sovereign state, and other countries have tried to plunge it into extreme poverty in order to change the regime they dislike under the banner of humanitarian intervention. "