Details of Indian pilots being captured: trying to escape was almost killed

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Details of Indian pilots being captured: trying to escape was almost killed

2019-03-01 15:46:58 904 ℃

According to the Dawn Pakistani newspaper, Pakistani journalists interviewed villagers living near the site where Indian Air Force pilots were captured and learned some details about the process in which Indian fighter planes were shot down and the pilots were captured.

It is reported that the Indian pilots crashed about 7 kilometers on the Pakistan side of the Indian-Pakistani actual control line. An old man named Lazak witnessed two planes caught fire, but one of them flew back over the real control line to the Indian side, while the other plane caught fire and fell rapidly. According to Lazark, he saw a parachute landing on the ground, one kilometer south of his home. Razak said he also called several young people in the village to ask them not to get close to the wreckage of the plane before the army arrived, but to catch the pilot.

It is reported that the Indian pilot (Abenand) asked the young man after parachuting to the ground whether he was in India or Pakistan. One of the young men cunningly answered that it was India. Abenand chanted some Indian slogans and asked where he was in India. Again, the boy responded tactfully that this was Qilla'n. The Indian pilot told them that he had "injured his back" and needed water. But soon a group of emotional young people rushed up, cheering the slogan "Long Live the Pakistani Army" and surrounded the Indian pilot. After finding himself deceived,

Abenand fired a gun into the air to try to push back the approaching Pakistani crowd and run to the side of the Indian-Pakistani actual control line, while several young people chased behind with stones in hand. Abenand fired several more shots into the air to frighten them, but without effect. Then he jumped into a small pond and took out some documents and maps from his pocket. He tried to swallow some and soak the others in water.

According to Mr. Lazak's description, the young man kept asking him to lay down his arms, while a boy shot him in the leg. Finally, he said that he should not be killed. Several young men seized his arms and controlled him. Some of the crowd beat him angrily, while others continued to stop them. Meanwhile, Pakistani military personnel arrived there in time, detained him and rescued him from the angry group of young people, Razak said.

Razak said, "Thank God, no angry young man shot him, because for them, he is still very difficult to deal with." The captured Indian pilot was then taken by military personnel to an army facility in Bhimber for treatment and escorted by a convoy of military vehicles. As the convoy passed Hallechuk, about 50 kilometers from Hollen, many cheerful residents greeted the convoy on both sides of the road. They scattered rose petals on military vehicles and chanted slogans such as "Long Live the Pakistani Army", "Long Live the Pakistani Air Force", "Long Live Pakistan" and "Long Live Kashmir".

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