US military seizes IS50 tons of gold and transfers it to the Kurdish People's Defense Forces

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US military seizes IS50 tons of gold and transfers it to the Kurdish People's Defense Forces

2019-03-01 15:47:04 974 ℃

< p > < p > < b > US forces seized 50 tons of IS gold and transported it to the Kurdish People's Defense Army to leave part of the US < / b > < / P > < img SRC = / 1ydzximg / 0LOAx TgafT /> < p > < strong > according to < / strong > < strong > Chuan < / strong > < strong > < US < / strong > > < strong > > > < strong > > < strong > > is moving back to the United States the gold Tong grasped by < / strong > < IS < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong > < strong >

The US Army is transporting 50 tons of gold from the radical armed group Islamic State (IS), which controls Syria, to the United States and leaving part of the gold to the Kurdish militia group YPG, which is said to be the fund of the organization.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, some sources pointed out that the U.S. military moved 50 tons of gold directly from the military base in Kobani town, Syria, but the U.S. military did not carry all the gold, leaving a part of the gold for the Kurdish militia group People's Defense Army. This Kurdish militia is regarded by Turkey, the United States and the European Union as a branch of the Kurdish Workers'Party (PKK), which Turkey calls the Kurdish militia a a terrorist organization.

reported that in addition to the US military base in Bani town, 40 tons of gold seized by IS terrorists from Mosul province of Iraq fell into their hands.

Unknown local sources also revealed that the U.S. military had smuggled the IS gold treasure chest away from al-Dashisheh in southern Hasakah, Syria. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Kurdish militias are looking for 40 tons of gold. The Syrian Human Rights Watch also said that the United States-led coalition forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) deliberately did not lock in areas controlled by Islamic terrorists on the eastern shore of the Euphrates River in Dairzur Province, because they were oppressing some of the surrendered IS terrorists to provide gold deposits.