Trump wants to give Putin 50 million properties? Cohen proved to be a propaganda gimmick

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Trump wants to give Putin 50 million properties? Cohen proved to be a propaganda gimmick

2019-03-01 15:47:05 692 ℃

According to Tass News Agency of Russia on February 27, Michael Cohen, a former private lawyer of US President Trump, issued a statement saying that the representative of the Trump Organization, a company owned by the US President, wanted to give Russian President Putin an apartment in a skyscraper in Moscow in 2016 as a publicity stunt, but the building did not eventually. Built.

Michael Cohen

Cohen delivered a speech at the hearing of the Committee on Supervision and Government Reform of the United States House of Representatives. Cohen responded to questions raised by members of Congress regarding Russia's collusion with Trump's election headquarters and the construction of Moscow skyscrapers. Trump Group had planned to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, but the project was officially abandoned in January 2016. One of the sponsors was Felix Sater, a Russian-American businessman who allegedly had business ties with Trump in the past.

was asked to comment on the media's earlier message that "Set's proposal should be sent to Putin for a $50 million top-floor apartment," and Cohen said, "This is a propaganda gimmick, in which case the price per square meter will rise rapidly." He confirmed that he had discussed such a proposal with Seth.

Set himself said earlier in an interview with BuzzFeed website in the United States that the essence of the plan is that many wealthy people in Russia want to live in the same building as the President of Russia. According to BuzzFeed, Cohen discussed the idea with a person who allegedly was "Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov", but the plan did not develop at all.

Prior to that, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said that in his letter to the Kremlin, Cohen did not mention that Trump knew about the project of building skyscrapers in Moscow and was discussing the agreement. He explained that "the letter mentioned that developers could not implement the project, so they tried to find help, but sent the wrong address to the wrong person."

Russian President Putin

Peskov stressed that these letters were sent publicly by ordinary e-mail and suggested that their authors contact representatives of the Russian construction industry or participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to find investors. Peskov said that the communication between Trump and Kremlin representatives was limited to these enquiries.

and the US President had previously refuted Cohen's claim that Trump continued to discuss the construction of skyscrapers in Moscow after becoming a presidential candidate in 2016. Trump said his former lawyer was trying to "fabricate stories" to reduce his sentence. At the same time, the President of the United States said that even if he decided to sign an agreement and participate in the project, there would be no violation of the law. In December 2018, Cohen was sentenced to three years'imprisonment for a series of crimes, including tax evasion, violation of campaign finance rules, banking fraud and providing false information to American financial institutions. (Editor: HHJ)