Why do many foreign students go to wash dishes and wash dishes in the United States?

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Why do many foreign students go to wash dishes and wash dishes in the United States?

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Blockquote > Author's Brief Introduction: Xiao Lintong, graduated from the Department of Literature, University of Iowa, USA, with 5 years of study and work experience in the United States. He worked for New Oriental Educational Technology Group and was responsible for the application for study abroad in the United States. Open-minded, frank and humorous. He is good at satirical and inspirational literary creation.

"Did you hear that there was another shooting in the United States a while ago?"

"Is racial discrimination particularly severe in Americans? Are they particularly contemptuous of Chinese?

"Well, you don't know. I heard that it's hard for any rich Chinese student to bring dishes and wash dishes to the white people when they come to the United States." It's a pity that China is so strong now. Look at how many foreigners come to work for us on the street, and you're still running out in a hurry. What's good about foreign countries?

"Little girl, the moon in foreign countries is really not quite round. You said that your little girl's family is so young that she went out to eat this crime. Why suffer from this?" Have you ever heard that you are studying in the United States? Is your family very rich? How many apartments are there? How big is the villa? When will you invite us to dinner? You have so much money in your family. Don't you help us poor people? From almost the moment I decided to go abroad to study, such a comment was always accompanied by me

. There were several people gathering to chat and chat, but as long as I was a foreign student, we would all look at each other and laugh at each other, then exchange a tacit look rather disdainfully, and then focus our eyes on my face together.

First asked a few questions about the eccentricity of yin and yang, and then began to talk about how worrying American public security is. Chinese people are all third-class citizens in the United States, just like slaves, and how humble they are. For these patriots, we deeply appreciate and apologize for their sympathy and indignation for the miserable life of overseas Chinese. This salute. Thank you. Of course, I will not deny that living in a foreign country is indeed a great exercise in one's character. And wherever you go, there will always be some eyes on your head that feel like diamond skin, Pearl cells, and glittering gold flowing through your veins. There are people in your family who want to inherit the throne. Such people are often called upstarts in China and racial discrimination abroad.

and overseas students going to the ocean, far away from each other, is no longer a problem, they can call their parents for help. In a bad mood, they can find friends for Tucao. All the difficulties need to break one's teeth and swallow them in one's stomach. But like an eagle, if it can not leave the cage, why is it called an eagle? The reason why the world is vast is that it has unlimited opportunities and possibilities, and naturally accompanied by more setbacks and attacks.

If you don't say anything about anyone else, you can say about your own American study career. Although I didn't do dishes, my first job in the United States was hotel room service. To put it plainly, it is better to wash the sheets with towels, sometimes than with dishes. Why do foreign students wash dishes and wash dishes when they come to the United States? Because when I went to school in China, I did nothing but take exams. But anyone who has ever looked for a job knows that education, ability and industry experience are sometimes more important than others. Maybe you are competent, but there is nothing to prove that you are competent before you have ever worked or participated in a job. Chairman Mao has a good saying:

True knowledge comes from practice. When you are hired to work in the automotive industry with Harvard University's paper, you still need to consult those who have not attended school but have worked in automobiles for several years.

is not only an overseas student, but also a lot of American students. Their first job is often a snack bar, a supermarket salesman, a courier, or someone who simply moves bricks.

You can do it for anyone, but it is the first step for many people to enter the society. There are also great gods who can find a particularly tall office job at one time, but there are still a few people like that. With this job as a starting point, I began to work step by step towards higher places. Because before I did not work, my own personality was a little introverted. Because they don't speak their own mother tongue, they always have some fear of communicating with others. The banquet service I did later, the freshman admission instructor and other jobs forced me to talk to people, understand their needs, and help them solve problems.

You will always feel shallow on paper, and you will never know what to do. It was at that time that I had a preliminary understanding of

sophisticated human feelings. And for the strong and hard work, it was also at that time that I had a little experience.

The days of studying abroad are bound to be hard. While working, the days of learning are more bitter. Get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to work, go to school at 10 o'clock, finish the course at 3 o'clock, have lunch at 4 o'clock, go home at 5 o'clock and start writing papers, and finish the papers at 11 o'clock.

Because American universities attach great importance to students'time management ability, so my classmates have their own calendar, which records the things they do every day. Opening it up and turning it over is a complete epic of blood and tears.

and many American universities offer courses that go far beyond just writing an assignment and taking an exam. Some American universities, such as the famous Northeast University Business School, require students to practice in enterprises. Even I took a botany course that was specially led by professors, driving half an hour to one hour a week, Monday. I went to the park around the school to observe all kinds of flowers and plants. In addition to dancing, music, baseball and yoga classes, all of which, like other cultural classes, are officially credited.

As for many students, they also like to organize clubs, volunteer activities, marathon races and bicycle races in their spare time in order to improve their personal abilities. Oh, yes! There is a river in our school and dragon boat racing in spring.

Study hard and play happily are the principles that almost all American universities follow. People who can't play can hardly learn and work. So, how can you meet new friends at parties and meet new people in such a busy schedule? How can you start with Lady Gaga and talk in half an hour about "Tell me, what's your dream?" It became an important skill that I learned when I was studying in the United States.

I remember reading a passage on the Internet at that time. A talented gentleman once said, "You don't play games, skip classes, have puppy love, have your youth been eaten by dogs?" Well, the dog did eat it. The so-called life is more than just being meticulous at present, but my youth rebellious and unrestrained, in a small test every day, a paper every week, a monthly exam, is really "meticulous" to eat. Fortunately, though my youth was eaten by Gou, I did not let Gou eat my life, thanks to my efforts over the past few years.

also wish all the students who are dreaming and stepping on the plane a bright future in their lives. Believe me, when you are good, some people will denigrate you because they are jealous of you, and when you are not good, those people will denigrate you because they despise you, so it is better to fly high. Let them slander them. The higher you fly, the less you hear the sparrows chattering on the ground.

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