Ukrainian actor Zelenski: The drama is like life, and the "presidential dream" needs to be fake and true?

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Ukrainian actor Zelenski: The drama is like life, and the "presidential dream" needs to be fake and true?

2019-04-01 11:24:59 637 ℃
TV series "People's Public Servants" stills. Zelensk plays the role of president.

On the eve of New Year's Day 2019, Vladimir Zelenski, a famous Ukrainian comedian and star of the popular TV series "Public Servants of the People", announced his participation in the presidential election through a short video. At that time, there were not many people in Ukraine and abroad who thought highly of such "political vegetarians" who had no political experience at all.

But in fact, since January, Zelenski has surpassed former beauty Prime Minister Tymoshenko and has been in a leading position. Analysts believe that although he may not win directly in the first round with more than half of the support, polls show that he will have a good chance of winning against Tymoshenko or Boroshenko after entering the second round of the general election.
From TV stars to election leaders, how did he do it? Or, how did Ukrainian politics emerge as such a black horse?

Zelenski Youth with an interesting soul

Zelenski's resume proves beyond dispute that he is a self-made man. He had no distinguished origin and grew up in a common intellectual family in Krivorog. Mother is an engineer and father is a programmer. As a teenager, Zelenski had a wide range of interests, ranging from fighting in ancient Rome to basketball, from ballroom dancing to piano. During his college years, he formed his first intelligence competition team and met his future wife, Yelena Kiashka, who gave birth to two children.

Excellent learning ability and humorous and witty speech made him succeed in his later career. Although he studied law in college, he succeeded in breaking into the entertainment circle. From the original "95th Block" intelligence competition team to the later studio of the same name, from television, music, photography to film production, he is well-known in Ukraine and even Russia, and the performing arts business is flourishing.

and Youzeshi

In fact, Zelenski's popular TV drama "People's Public Servants" provided the best opportunity for him to enter the presidency. On the eve of the election, the third season of the play was on. In the play, Ukrainian history teacher Vasili Goloborodiko mistakenly took charge of the state power. After the civilian-born, honest and impartial president came to power, he hit hard at corruption and pretensions. This kind of TV series has opened the eyes of Ukrainian people and quickly spread all over the country.

Ukrainian people's affection for the president in the TV series also migrated to the main actor Zelens. They decided to vote for this glorious screen image. The people's warm support for Zelenski also shows that the Ukrainian people need a clean president like Goroborodico.

Ukrainian political scholar Mikhail Poglibinski believes that this is the misfortune of other current political elites. Whether in the past or now, people hope to have a new person who can mildly confront the current regime, neither radical hatred of Russia nor pure nationalism. Are there oligarchs behind

? According to Ukrainian folklore,

Zelenski, a novice, was able to compete with two veteran politicians, Boroshenko and Tymoshenko, because of the strong support of Kolomoyski behind the scenes.

img src="/1ydzximg/0LcnmeclxR"/>Kolomowski is considered the backstage gold medalist of Zelenski

Kolomowski, a well-known oligarch in Ukraine and former governor of Dnieper Petrovsk, who was listed as the fourth richest man in Ukraine by Forbes magazine for $2.1 billion. Its wealth is enough to rival the candy king Boroshenko and the natural gas Princess Tymoshenko.

Kolomoyski has repeatedly stated publicly that he and Zelenski are buddies. Looking at the previous TV interview, the intimate relationship between the two men was undisguised. But since the beginning of the campaign, they have consciously neglected each other to avoid suspicion, at least in public. The Ukrainian "1+1" television station controlled by Kolomoyski has been the main battlefield of Zelenski's campaign. On the eve of the election, the station deliberately broadcasted a documentary about former President Reagan, who was dubbed by Zelenski. Actors become famous presidents, which is also a naked hint, and roll out Zelenski's entertainment show on "Silence Day" (the day before the election).

Will he become the real president of the people? Compared with other presidential candidates,

Zelenski is a slightly strange existence. He did not form a special campaign team, did not have a systematic campaign platform, and consciously avoided conflict with the other side.

Zelenski's policy propositions also seem to be confused, not as consistent and clear as Boroshenko's. For example, half a month later, he planned to reach a compromise with Moscow on the issue of Dunbas. On the eve of the election, he shouted, "We are fighting against Russia, we need to win!"

Some of his radical remarks were considered purely for the needs of the campaign. Some analysts fear that once Zelenski is elected, he may be at the mercy of Kolomoyski as the latter's marionette.

But Zelenski's civilian origin, his self-made personality and his humorous and optimistic personality make many Ukrainians see hope for the future . At least, he was just a piece of white paper, and the dirty Boroshenko and Tymoshenko were much more reliable. It is a national disaster that politicians become operas. And the opera will bring hope to the country if it becomes a politician. Current Ukraine does not need a pro-American and pro-European president, nor a pro-Russian president, but a pro-Ukrainian president, a people's president who comes from Ukraine's national interests and works for the well-being of the people.