"The Romantic Travel of Wife" caught Perth's fire. You're longing for poems and distant places here!

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"The Romantic Travel of Wife" caught Perth's fire. You're longing for poems and distant places here!

2019-04-01 11:24:54 485 ℃

Recently, "My Wife's Romantic Travel 2" is on the hot air, hot search is on one trip after another. I believe everyone has seen this episode in Perth. Didn't you think there was such a pure land in the world? Haha, tell you secretly that my second home is right here.

I am a multi-faceted character who likes to be alone and quiet, as well as poetry and distance. The pastoral life of Tao Yuanming's leisurely chrysanthemum picking has always been the most yearned for. My friend is joking. I'm afraid your personality is only suitable for Antarctic and Australian life. Ask yourself, I am so lazy people in Antarctica must only freeze to death and starve to death, so of course choose Australia. Why did I choose Perth?

I have a good friend in Perth, Western Australia, named Rose. I met Rose on a business trip to Australia. Rose, from Malaysia, has been in Australia for more than 20 years. She went to Australia to study, and later married a native, from her husband's surname, now has a son in primary school. I met on a business trip to Australia.

Carefully studied the immigration policy of Lower Australia. I can't imagine investing in immigration. I don't have that strength and willfulness. Fortunately, Australia's immigration policy is relaxed, including entrepreneurship migration, investment migration, skilled migration, passport migration, employer-sponsored migration and so on. So I chose the employer to sponsor immigration. The cost is low, the threshold is low, the examination and approval is not complicated and the speed is fast.

In 2015, I started this project. First of all, Toros contacted Perth, a company, why did she choose Perth, because every time Rose praised it as a paradise on earth in e-mail, I gradually found out from her descriptions that that was where I wanted to be. Slowly, my heart beat.

Later on, according to the data, Perth ranks first in the world's best residential city selection every year, regardless of the living environment, quality of life and social welfare are excellent cities. It has even won the honor of being the sixth most livable city in the world and the first most friendly city in the world. This makes it impossible for me to refuse here.

I sent the letter of intent and all my certificates to this company. I am a senior accountant in China. This occupation is just one of the rare occupations in Australia. It is known that there are several occupations in Australia, such as engineering, computer, accounting, architect, construction project manager, engineering appraiser, actuary, management and kindergarten teacher. I am lucky to be one of them. 。

plus Rose's efforts, all received a quick response from the company. After a series of examinations, the company agreed to guarantee me as an employer. Here's another thing to say: Thank my dad for forcing me to learn English from an early age, so that I have been good at English. IELTS passed 6 years ago. I hated it when I was a child. Unexpectedly, this is of great use. Ha-ha!

I worked hard for many years at home and had a small savings. I bought a house in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, because I couldn't get away from it. Every day, life in China was busy with hard work, and I entrusted Rose to buy it all the way. Rose has been an old friend of mine for many years. She works as a real estate agent and has a good reputation in the local area. That's why I trust her to buy the whole house. The house is not expensive. The owner is an old farmer and his wife. Rose has a good relationship with them. Because they are old and want to live with their son, they sell the farm and the house at a low price. The house costs more than A$200,000. The photos show that the surrounding environment is also very good. I calculated the price according to the same area. I'm afraid it can only buy a small attic of several square meters in Beijing. In August 2015, Rose called to tell me that the house had been handed over. At the beginning of 2016, I finally completed all the procedures and got the Australian immigration certificate. < p > < strong > landed in Australia < / strong > < / P > < p > stepped out of the building of Sydney International Airport, facing a cool breeze and a refreshing feeling. Australia gave me a good first impression. I can't wait to get into her arms.

When I was planning to take a taxi to the domestic airport, a taxi driver greeted me with a unique Australian accent "G'day!" (Good day, hello). This seems to be a specialty of Australia, perhaps because of the British domination, the Australian accent is similar to the British accent, but it blends into the local tone and becomes an indescribable accent.

When Australians first listen to a speech, they feel as if they have halogen eggs in their mouths, which is not easy to understand, and some people's A pronunciation like I may cause misunderstanding. My former colleague told me a joke. He said that an Australian foreigner said to him, "How're you today?" (How are you today?) How're you going to die? So he was frightened into a cold sweat.

Arriving at Perth

Perth is my destination, boarding the domestic flight, I headed for my home, and I imagined the possibility of my future life.

"Bah!" I was hit on the head by heavy objects unexpectedly. Looking up, it turned out that a white old lady slipped down her luggage when she was carrying it. She touched my head like a kind old lady and looked like a spoiled child and said, "I'm sorry." I laughed and said, "Never mind." After landing, I dragged my heavy luggage out of the building. Rose was waiting for me. Because there were no buses at the airport and it was quite far from home, she drove to meet me at the airport. I looked around as I left the airport. The airport is fairly empty and uninhabited. Australia's vast territory and sparse population are certainly not covered. Rose joked: If nobody picks up and you can't get a taxi, you'll have to find a kangaroo to ride away.

I settled down in Perth at my little home

This is my home:

The house has its own courtyard with an area of more than 200 square meters and spends only half of my savings in Perth, which is really beyond my imagination in China. Outside the house is a forest, a large grassland, because the population density here is too low, so basically belongs to my own territory.

Outside the house, in the field, in early summer, when the rapeseed flowers blossom:

Life here is a real idyllic life. In China, I am busy every day, burned out by various invisible pressures. When I came here, I began to really find myself, the first sound of birds in the morning, and the dusk of the field every day. Every time I walk in the wild, I feel that life is so beautiful. Poetry and distance were the things I dreamed of. Now I have all these things. The longer you live in Australia, the more you know about the place, the more you will love it. I never look at the National Happiness Index, but with my own experience, here are absolutely the top few in the world. Life here is too leisurely. The minimum wage in Australia is 400 Australian dollars a week, or more than 2000 yuan in RMB. And the price is very cheap, so as long as you have hands and feet, you will not worry about life at all. The lowest-level people also have sufficient consumer capacity.

Government welfare is also very good, there are many kinds, what kind of rental subsidy. Unemployment subsidies, relief benefits and pension benefits are paid weekly.

There are also low-income subsidies, housing benefits, medical subsidies, universal medical benefits and so on. It's all one-time, and I haven't recorded all these names yet.

Here, even if you are a poor person who can no longer afford it, you will have no worries about food and clothing. People do not have life pressure, so there is not so much cynicism, the mentality is very calm, every time walking in Perth Street see a lot of friendly smiling faces. Looking back on walking on the streets of Beijing in the past, in the bustling crowd, everyone is tightening a face, the eyes are invisibly showing a kind of anxiety. I have to lament the difference. < p > < strong > Australian society attaches most importance to children < / strong > < / P > < p > What is the most important group in Australia? No doubt it's a child.

The direct government subsidy for giving birth to the first child in Australia is A$2158.89. Second or more: A$1080.54; these are for you at one time. There is also the Childcare Subsidy Fund: families with an annual income of less than 65,710 Australian dollars: the subsidy rate is 85%; families with an annual income of 170,710-250,000 Australian dollars: the subsidy rate is 50%; children also have a vaccine subsidy: 300 Australian dollars.

Primary schools have 12 years of compulsory free education. Overseas students who are economically nervous can apply for government loans, and their wages will not be repaid until they reach a certain level after work. Students'allowances are granted after the age of 18. These are all in place at one time.

Here, single parents don't even have to go out to work. Every week, the government automatically remits hundreds of Australian dollars to your account. If every rental family has children, the government will also have rental subsidies, which are about A$70 per week and RMB $1500 per month, which greatly relieve family pressure. All sorts of things are good for children. Rose once told me that a single mother with a physically and mentally handicapped child was reported to have left her child at home for a few minutes after going out to buy breakfast, and the Children's Association quickly came to her door.

Here, children's growth environment is the most important, children are the future of the country, the hope of the country, here is the real implementation, rather than just shouting slogans in writing.

Rose joked to me that women are the most viable here because they only need to have children. Here, the government is the poorest because they give money to the people. People here are full of sunshine and goodwill

People here are very friendly and polite in handling people and things. Guan Guan once said, "The barn is solid and knows the etiquette, the clothes and food are enough and the honor and disgrace are satisfied". The ancients did not deceive me. Perth was ranked the fourth largest friendly city in the world. Perhaps it has something to do with the soil and water on this land. The vast land cultivates people's minds, and the carefree life eliminates the evil spirit in people's hearts. Everyone's heart is filled with a kind of goodwill, a kind of gratitude.

is the same for people and animals. I dare say that animals living in Australia are the happiest animals in the world. When people drive on highways and see animals crossing the road, they stop to let them pass first. In Australia, animal hunting is punished with extreme severity. It is also considered immoral and contemptuous by most people. The animals here are basically not afraid of human beings. Maybe they already know that human beings here will not pose a threat to them and will help them. Several times, a koala climbed into my yard to find water to drink. Now I have formed the habit of putting a basin of clean water in the yard every day.

Frankly speaking, there are not so many utilitarians here. Here's the dirty side of humanity