Russian Beauty Doctor's Sexy Photography triggered a non-parliamentary response: No problem will not be dismissed

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Russian Beauty Doctor's Sexy Photography triggered a non-parliamentary response: No problem will not be dismissed

2019-04-01 11:24:59 734 ℃

Because of a group of sexy photographs, Anastasia Orlova, a pediatrician in Ivanov, Russia, has recently been caught in the whirlpool of public opinion. According to Russian media reports, the photos were taken by her participation in the female photography project sponsored by the famous Russian blogger Gold. After the photos were circulated on the Internet, they have aroused great repercussions in Russia in recent days.

According to Orlova's own interview, Gold has been advocating women to liberate themselves and live their true selves. She has been following the blogger's article for a year and has gradually recognized his ideas. Later, seeing the photography project he initiated, he bravely signed up for it.

Orlova said it was her first photo shoot in her life. The sexy tights were also selected by myself. After the photos were taken, I liked them very much and uploaded them to my personal social blog to share with my relatives and friends. Subsequently, the photographers who participated in the shooting also uploaded the portraits on their blogs. Photographs of

spread quickly on the Internet and caused widespread controversy. Many people accused Orlova of being frivolous in dress and exposed in photographs, which was very inconsistent with her professional status as a doctor. Dr. Larissa, a 34-year-old doctor in St. Petersburg, said doctors, accountants and professional managers belong to the public profession, and practitioners need to be responsible for their words, deeds and clothes. But Olova's photos are only reminiscent of call girls and underwear advertisements.

But some people stand up for Orlova as a modern woman, should be brave to show themselves and pursue beauty. Opensa paediatrician Valova said that Alova took a photo, which is her personal life style, let alone upload the photo is a personal home page, not a subjective pursuit of diffusion effect. As a doctor, the most important thing is his professional level, which has nothing to do with the sexy photos. The picture shows Orlova's daily photos (the same below).

The head of Orlova's hospital also said publicly a few days ago that Orlova's personal photo "no problem", the hospital will not dismiss the client.

Orlova herself was quite dismayed by the criticism from the outside world. She says she always distinguishes work from life. At work, they strictly abide by the rules of the courtyard, wear white coats, blouses and jeans, and wear standard professional women's clothes.