Ukraine's new president is about to come out: comedians have an obvious advantage, but the end is not as good as expected

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Ukraine's new president is about to come out: comedians have an obvious advantage, but the end is not as good as expected

2019-04-01 11:25:03 606 ℃

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the political situation in Ukraine has been turbulent. Political oligarchs Yushchenko, Yanukovich and Tymoshenko staged the Three Kingdoms'Romance. Later, Poloshenko succeeded in the general election in 2014, but suffered tremendous changes such as the loss of Crimea and the Dunbas crisis, which made the general election in Ukraine a hot spot in the world. According to the regulations, Ukraine's general election voting will be completed on March 31 and the results will be announced on April 1. If no one can gain more than half of the advantage, Ukraine will hold the second round of general elections 20 days after the first round. The two candidates with the highest support in the first round of general elections will enter the second round. The next president will be confirmed on April 22. The new president should take office no later than June 3. Before March 31, according to data from Ukraine's local research institute and US Gallup, Zelenski, a comedian who used to play the role of president in TV dramas and used it as campaign capital, had an obvious advantage in the general election. In the past four months, the support rate has risen from 20% to nearly 30%. As a result of the emergence of a candidate named Tymoshenko with the same name in the general election, the campaign suffered heavy losses, scattered votes, and the support rate dropped from 20% to 16% in the past four months. The support rate of the incumbent President, Boroshenko, has increased to a certain extent in the six months when the situation between Russia and Ukraine has become more tense, although Ukraine's support rate for the current government is less than 9%. The support for Boroshenko reached 16.5%.

Comedian Zelenski's leading edge is obvious, but apparently there is little hope that more than 50% of the comedians will win the final victory on April 1. It is not clear who will get another place between Boroshenko and Tymoshenko. But it is worth mentioning that although Zelenski's support rate is far ahead of the two former ruling Ukrainians, his distance from becoming President of Ukraine is still not high. Leadership is only temporary, Poloshenko and Tymoshenko, Whoever enters the second round of the general election, will easily smooth the gap between them and Zelenski in the first round of the election. The reason for

is very simple. Zelenski's high support rate is related to the composition of his supporters. Zelenski believes that Ukraine's main problems at present lie in internal corruption and its relations with Russia. He advocates a break in internal affairs and negotiations with Russia on Crimea and Dunbas. This is supported by the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine, who live in Ukraine. The proportion of Kran is close to 30%. The views of Tymoshenko and Boroshenko are relatively fierce. They all advocate that Ukraine must be included in NATO at any cost, and emphasize adjusting the army, increasing defense investment and taking back Crimea by force in the future. Regardless of what they think inside, their tough attitude has always won the support of 30% - 50% of Ukraine's population.

The Russian flag of supporters

At present, Zelenski is far ahead because the former Prime Minister and the President compete with each other and scatter the votes. With Ukraine's general election approximation entering the second round of voting, it is almost certain that only one Poloshenko and Tymoshenko will enter the second round, so these support for Russia's strong Ukrainian votes will be gathered in the second round of voting, obviously this number will exceed Zelenski's support rate. This shows that the process of Ukraine's high-profile general election may be full of drama. Zelenski, who is far ahead in the first round of general election, is actually at a disadvantage in the second round of general election.