Trump resorted to the courts to get rid of Obama's political legacy

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Trump resorted to the courts to get rid of Obama's political legacy

2019-04-01 11:25:07 587 ℃

After the defeat of Congress, President of the United States Trump expects the court to repeal Obama's Affordable Medical Act. But some cases were against him, and the time was not on his side of < font > < font > because he tried to win a big victory in the re-election campaign of < font > < font > < font > himself < / font > < font >. Last week, two federal judges in Washington, D.C., blocked part of Trump's health-care agenda: Medicaid requirements for some low-income people, and new small-business health plans that do not necessarily provide the full benefits required by the Obama Parity Health Act .

But in the biggest case, a federal judge in Texas ruled last year that the Affordable Medical Act was unconstitutional and should be abolished altogether. The judgement is currently being appealed. Urged by the White House, the U.S. Justice Department last week said it would support the position of Texas judges and argue that all parity medical bills must be repealed.

Trump is facing the problem of the key is that time , the lawsuit may take several months to solve, or even longer, and it cannot guarantee that he will get the desired results before the general election of 2020.

"How is this week for Trump's government ? " No,"said economist Gail Welensky . "But this is only the beginning of a series of judicial challenges." Timothy Yoster, a retired law professor, has been paying attention to the Affordable Medical Act since it was introduced.

Supported Par Medical Act, Yoster added : "By the time these cases pass the court, Trump the government has no time to clean up the chaos caused, let alone let Congress pass a comprehensive plan. "

In the case of Texas, Trump may lose by winning. If former President Barack Obama's "Par Medical Bill" is completely vetoed, Congress will face an impossible task : to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill to replace the health care reform plan agreed to by House Speakers Nancy Pelosi and Trump.
The failure of

2017 to abolish the Affordable Medical Act proved harmful to Republicans in Congress in last year's mid-term elections, and they were not in the mood to repeat the same mistake.

"The Affordable Medical Act has a history of 9 for years now. If it is abolished completely, it will cause incredible damage." Foley Hogg lawyer Thomas Barker said that he was a former Republican President George w

Trump does not seem to be concerned about potential risks. "Now, lost in court," Trump3Month29dayfont> declares that he refers to the case of getTexas opposing Par Medical Act.

Trump continued that the case might be closed in the Supreme Court. But what we are doing will be much cheaper for people than Obama's health care reform , We will protect the existing situation and have lower deductibles. So I've been saying that the Republican Party will eventually become a health care party. "

and in fact, there is no sign that the government of Trump has a comprehensive health care plan, and Republicans in Congress do not seem to agree.