Mongol Air Force Commander visits the United States and looks forward to joint operations in the future

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Mongol Air Force Commander visits the United States and looks forward to joint operations in the future

2019-04-07 08:03:02 733 ℃

On April 5, local time, the official website of the U.S. Air Force released a message that from March 26 to 28, the commander of the Mongolian Air Force, Brigadier General Enkhbayar O'Qir, visited the U.S. Pacific Air Force Command in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Major General Ruth Mack, deputy commander of the Pacific Air Force Command, received Ogier, and senior Air Force officials of the two countries held "pilot-to-pilot" talks. The news mentioned that this is the first formal talks between the air forces of the two countries.

On March 26, Mike held a welcoming ceremony for Ochel

"Pilot-to-Pilot" meeting in English, which was abbreviated as A2A. This form of talks is held only by the United States and its better-connected allies, aiming at strengthening bilateral relations and sharing their experience in actual combat and training. Commander Ogier of Mongolia said: "This is a very good meeting, not only because of the very high level of leadership, but also because of the participation of various departments and different arms.

We understand that if the security of the Indian-Pacific region is threatened in the future, we will help you and support the United States through warfare and exercises.

Major General Mack of the United States said at the talks: "The reason why we hold the A2A talks is to use this platform to build a solid road map for future cooperation, exchange and action. I look forward to fruitful and frank discussions between the two sides, which will actively shape the relationship between the two armies.

On March 26, commanders of the Air Force of both countries

said that they should improve the agility and efficiency of cooperation and jointly deal with the so-called "real world threat". In addition, they discussed common interests and the past common history of the two air forces. During the A2A talks, the air forces of Mongolia and the United States dispatched more than 20 delegations, including air force commanders and first-line pilots, as well as air force officers and soldiers responsible for ground safety, personnel, maintenance and logistics.

Mongolian pilots piloting US F-22 simulator

According to the arrangement, the next A2A talks between the two air forces will be held in Mongolia. Mongolia has a population of about 3.2 million and an area of about 1.6 million square kilometers. It is the second largest landlocked country in the world with only two neighbouring countries. Because Mongolia does not depend on the sea, there is no real Navy in Mongolia. In this case, the Mongolian air force is particularly important.

According to the data, the Mongolian Air Force was established in May 1925 and has more than 1600 posts, including civilian personnel. Its fighters mainly come from the former Soviet Union and Russia, such as Su-27, MiG-21 and Mi series helicopters, and five MiG-29 fighters purchased from Russia in recent years.

These Air Force aircraft together do not exceed 100, except the more advanced five MiG-29, the rest of the aircraft are basically out of repair and can not be used.

Air Force Officers and Soldiers of the two countries

Recently, Mongolia re-established the Mongolian Air Force Command (MAFC), hoping to enhance the combat effectiveness of the air force through organizational reform. During the talks, U.S. military officers shared their experience with similar reforms in the United States in 1947.
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