Where did the soldiers who had defected from Venezuela after betraying Maduro go?

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Where did the soldiers who had defected from Venezuela after betraying Maduro go?

2019-04-07 08:03:06 738 ℃

On Thursday, 14 March, Venezuela's Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, issued a statement. It quoted the previous Venezuelan government's statement that officials had identified more than 100 of the defectors and said that not so many of them actually crossed the border and hoped to get the $20,000 promised by the Americans. Padrino's main reason for saying this is to emphasize that these officers and soldiers do not have an impact on Venezuela's military morale and readiness.


This is what the Commission officially said, so the truth is not so important. All in all, it's to emphasize that these people are lured by the benefits, and that the United States is really strong. What is the concept of $20,000? The average Venezuelan soldier earns $10 to $20 a month, while a school officer earns about $60. That is to say, $20,000 is equivalent to the income of a soldier and an officer for several years. It is estimated that Venezuela's military and the National Guard will not be able to retain a few people if a $20,000 price is offered. How to put it? Since the collapse of the economy in 2014, escaping from the Venezuelan army and the National Guard has become a common practice, with 4,000 incidents last year alone. Over the past few years, the number of escaped people can account for about 7% of the total number of PLA units. Poor treatment is the main reason, and corruption within the army. It is common to resell munitions and deduct military salaries. What's more, the Venezuelan army is no longer just an army. The top ranks of the army are also responsible for the country's economic sector. Defense Minister Adriano Padrino is responsible for food and drug distribution, and also responsible for the operation of five ports. So the top ranks of the army are not affected by inflation at all, while the lower ranks suffer. In this case, there is little combat effectiveness and loyalty.

(Maduro inspects the army)

Is there such generosity in the United States? Apparently not. Trump's American government is very stingy and has no money. The government suspended the construction of the separation wall for more than a month and finally launched a state of emergency. Americans'foreign aid or democratic funds are clear accounts and need to be audited in their budgets. Let everyone know, because it's deterrent. Americans are not foolish. Their foreign aid is seldom in the form of cash. They basically buy goods and services from local contractors in the United States. This is called "fat water does not flow out of the field". When Guaido crossed the border on February 23, the United States promised him $20 million worth of goods. One hundred people, or two million dollars, account for ten to one, and it's clear that the United States can't afford it. The $500 million Venezuelan Democracy Fund allocated in the US New Fiscal Year budget has not yet been approved.

(come and have no money)

The Venezuelan National Guard officers and soldiers who defected on February 23 had turned in their weapons, disarmed and were detained in Kukuta's hotel for quarantine review. Afterwards, they were registered as refugees by the Colombian Immigration Service, and some began to take charge of the work related to border refugee camps. Some even specialize in providing advice and assistance to those comrades-in-arms who also intend to leave Venezuela. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, more than 1,000 Venezuelan military and police officers have fled to Colombia in the past month or so. It is difficult to determine whether this figure is true or false because it is published by the Cuban side. Nevertheless, the frequent defections of Venezuelan military and police are certain. Guaido is calling for a large-scale nationwide protest demonstration on April 6, and some of them are said to have responded to the call to sneak back into the country. But those who have disarmed can't make any waves!

(Guaido meets with deserted soldiers)

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