Pakistani Prime Minister warned former President: Please pay back, or you will be put in prison

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Pakistani Prime Minister warned former President: Please pay back, or you will be put in prison

2019-04-07 08:03:05 709 ℃

On April 4, local time, Pakistani People's Party President Bilawal and former President Zardari attended a large rally. The two opposition leaders were father-son relations, and Bilawal was Zardari's son. The father and son said that the government led by the current Prime Minister, Imran Khan, had put the country in a difficult position. So they will invite people all over the country to Islamabad for a hunger strike and a sit-in, in an attempt to overthrow the government of Imran Khan and "drive his party out of parliament".

Bilawal (first left), Zardari (second left)

On 5 April, Imran Khan also attended a large rally. He said that he would invite Zardari's father and son to Islamabad and March and sit-in demonstration here, but their attempt to overthrow his government was "unsuccessful".

Imran Khan said: "Mr. Zardari, no matter how hard you try, the government will not go anywhere, but will put you in prison."

At present, Zardari is involved in a case of forgery of bank accounts, suspected of corruption and bribery during his presidency.

Imran Khan said: "Zardari, if you want to go on a hunger strike and sit down successfully, you must share the pain with the people and stand up for them." The Pakistani People's Party

< p > < p > Imran Khan said that Zardari's father and son could not stand with the people because they did not become leaders through their own efforts, but inherited the People's Party by blood relationship.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (C)

Speaking from People's Party Chairman Bilawal, he is only 30 years old this year, his father is Zardari, the former President; his mother Benazir Butto, who served as Prime Minister twice, was assassinated in 2007; his grandfather, Zorfikar Butto, was a member of the People's Party of Pakistan. The founding leader of the Party has served as president and Prime Minister successively.

From the perspectives of successive chairmen of the People's Party and other leaders, many of them are related by blood or by marriage.

Return the money back

Imran Khan said that his new government had just taken office in August last year, and the opposition claimed to overthrow itself in order to exert pressure on itself and stop tracing their overseas accounts and corruption. < p > < p > Imran Khan said, "If you are innocent, go to court and stand trial. Don't flee to England."

In 1999, the Zardari couple fled to Britain with three children. According to the data released by the procuratorial organs at that time, the couple had 26 foreign bank accounts, 14 real estate in Britain, France and the United States, including manors and farms, valued at nearly $1.5 billion.

Imran Khan said: "You can hold as many sit-ins or marches as you want, but you must return the money stolen from the country. If you don't want to go to jail, there's only one way: pay back the money!"

April 5, Imran Khan and his supporters

as the former captain of Pakistan cricket national team, Imran Khan led the national team to the world championship, he has always been the pride of the country. After his retirement, he formed his own political party very early and was elected Prime Minister successfully last year.

Anti-corruption and poverty alleviation were two of his campaign promises. Do you think he will succeed? Welcome your comments and comments, friends who support Baltic can point a compliment.