China's involvement in the "infrastructure maniac" will be another great failure for the West to isolate Syria.

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China's involvement in the "infrastructure maniac" will be another great failure for the West to isolate Syria.

2019-04-07 08:03:08 1449 ℃

Author: Wang Dehua

Last December, President Trump suddenly ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 American soldiers from Syria. With the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, the US media lamented that "another country may strengthen its presence in this war-torn country. This country is China."

CNN commented in April 5th that the Chinese government regards the situation in Syria as an opportunity to benefit from the economy, thereby expanding its influence in the Middle East, and even promoting its worldwide "one belt and one road" infrastructure investment initiative.

The article states that the European Union and the United States have shown little interest in supporting Assad and leading efforts to rebuild Syria as the United States is withdrawing its troops. There is little competition for China to implement its own plans in Syria.

The United Nations estimates that it will cost $250 billion to rebuild Syria after years of civil war.

In fact, even if the United States wants to benefit from the reconstruction of Syria, there is no chance. Assad said publicly that Western countries and their regional allies, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, would not have the opportunity to benefit from the future reconstruction of Syria. Why can't Moscow play a leading role in post-war reconstruction? After the annexation of Crimea, Putin suffered from Western sanctions and could not afford to invest more money. At present, Russia's economy is only one eighth of China's, less than one of China's Guangdong Province. During the Syrian War, China did not send a single soldier, but in the hearts of its government and people, China was their best friend. Especially at the United Nations, China upholds justice and resolutely stands on the side of Syria and Russia, which has repeatedly frustrated Western plots.

As the sanctions and wars of the United States have brought increasing economic pressure to the Assad government, the Assad government may seek Beijing's support, and China is ready to help.

Xie Xiaoyan, China's Special Envoy to Syria, said that the two countries were working closely to "promote the political process and post-war recovery of Syria". He said Moscow's cooperation with Beijing in securing Syria's future security is part of a "comprehensive strategic partnership".

China's participation in the reconstruction of Syria fully accords with its grand vision of "one belt and one road". Historically, Syria has been an important node of the Silk Road that spanned Asia, Europe and Africa for centuries. Today, Syria is equally important as a strategic crossroads between Asia, Europe and Africa.

Even before the end of the conflict, the world's second largest economy had taken the lead in striving for post-war reconstruction. At the Syrian Reconstruction Project Trade Fair in Beijing in 2017, China pledged to invest $2 billion to build an industrial park in Syria.

It is reported that Geely and Chang'an, the Chinese automobile company, have cooperated with Malu, the Syrian automobile manufacturer, whose Homs-based manufacturing plant will produce both brands of cars.

Syria may become a key participant in the "one belt and one road". The multi-billion dollar investment plan aims to build a huge global infrastructure network linked to China. For Beijing, war-torn Syria is a golden opportunity for investment. For Damascus, prosperity means peace. This could translate into greater influence in the region.

Some experts say that the port of Tartus in Syria may be a place of interest to China. In fact, a statement by the Chinese Embassy in Damascus in 2018 affirmed the importance of the port to economic development.

China is increasing its involvement in Syria, not in the army, but in a large amount of money. We're going to repair bridges and roads, and the United States is killing and setting fire, standing high and low.

Russia Today commented that as a shrewd strategist, China could turn the destruction of the West into a tremendous opportunity for return; if China intervened with its tremendous economic power, the attempt by the West to isolate Syria would be another tremendous failure.