Chinese female students suspected to be refugees during the day to be dragged into the grass rape in Germany

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Chinese female students suspected to be refugees during the day to be dragged into the grass rape in Germany

2016-11-20 17:06:59 1351 ℃

Original title: Chinese female students suspected to be refugees during the day to be dragged into the grass rape in Germany

Chinese Embassy in Germany 18 issued a bulletin, said the day before in Germany occurred Chinese female students who suffered sexual abuse cases. Informed that the evening of November 16th, the Consulate General in Dusseldorf China Chinese female students received a report, said the evening return to the hostel in the way encountered sexual assault.

The Consulate General immediately contacted the local police, asked the police to solve the case quickly, in time to inform the case of progress, and take effective measures to protect the personal safety of Chinese citizens. German police responded that the case is being investigated.

Micro-blog broke the news

Suspected victims about the incident

Prior to this, called "this is the German" micro-blog released a number of victims of sexual assault allegedly is my readme. Which she is a university undergraduate students, 16, about 4:45 in the afternoon, on the way home, away from the dormitory less than 200 meters, 5 minutes from the sidewalk was into the bushes, was raped and robbed. "After the first time I went to the police, the report of the embassy, to do the relevant forensic identification. These days are still busy (with) a statement and related procedures." The victim wrote.

Police circular

Suspect black hair beard

For the identity of the perpetrators, victims identified as "refugees". "Why I'm stuck to the refugees? This person can not understand English and German, not the students, the middle east face, big beard." The victim was mentioned in "readme, near her school for nearly a year to repair two large refugee camps and put into use last year," there is another girls dormitory was raped and badly wounded, "the student dormitory from refugee camps near, probably only a few hundred meters".

In addition, the German NRW Bochum police 18 days had issued a notice on the Internet, the topic is "young women have been raped, please contact the police witness". This notice that although no female victim's nationality, but the time and with "this is the girl in Germany" micro-blog published a screenshot of the description is very consistent, of crime suspects description is "30 to 35 years old, 1 70 meters tall, black hair and beard."

Consulate General in Dusseldorf on the 18 day of the China safety reminder also said: "the consulate again remind the district Chinese citizens to pay attention to personal safety, especially in remote and sparsely populated areas of personal safety." The consulate general warned Chinese citizens to call the German police in an emergency, and give the consular protection of the Chinese Embassy in Germany. According to CCTV

News a little more

Female students in Germany suspected "refugees" daylight into the grass and rape

Portrait of a suspect in a rape case.

According to "this is the German" micro-blog official news, suspected of being the victim of sexual assault in the online posting a detailed account of the incident process, and to remind the Caution! Girls in germany. According to the information provided by victims, occurred in November 16th around 4:45 in the afternoon, the victim in the school on the road less than 200 meters from the hostel of the sidewalk, was a middle east face, beard, and don't understand English and German men into the bushes of rape, the refugees also stole the victim's money.

According to the victim, the suspect in the violence in the process of grabbed his neck, causing them to be unable to call for help. Not killed can live very lucky!

Victims in communication with the local police was informed that this summer, the university student dormitory in the vicinity of the same school with a female student was raped and beaten into a serious injury. The Global Times reporters in Germany on verification, one case occurred in August 6th of this year, the time is 19:15 in the evening, a 21 year old female students at Auf DEM Kalwes street is a 30 year old, height 1 meter 75 tall, short hair, dark skin and short beard Central Asian rape. It is not clear whether these two cases of suspects for the same person.

News from the German police confirmed that the suspect "30 to 35 years old, 1 meters 70 tall, black hair, wearing a dark coat and trousers, a big beard."