Chinese Fleet across the Strait of Japan by the Japanese side of the Japanese side of the ship's entire process monitoring - Beijing time

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Chinese Fleet across the Strait of Japan by the Japanese side of the Japanese side of the ship's entire process monitoring - Beijing time

2017-01-07 09:46:03 184 ℃

[Global Times special correspondent in Japan Li Zhen Global Times reporter Fan Lingzhi] to deal with emergency and Chinese may occur around the Diaoyu Islands issue, the Japanese government decided in the summer before the draft "system and the defense strategy" as a response to the policy of the sdf. According to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on 6, the conflict between the idea of Japan Japan "script", including Chinese fishing boat and Japanese coastguard ships, Chinese accidental conflict on the Diaoyu Islands lineup, China paratroopers landed on the Diaoyu Islands.

"Unification and defense strategy" provides that when the above hypothetical events occur, the Japanese side can exercise the territorial and territorial waters of self-defense to conduct operations. The specific plan for the deployment of the GSDF ground to ship missiles, prevent Chinese warships near the "Islands"; the air self defense force aircraft and the Navy frigate for firing to suppress enemy; GSDF island operation.

At the same time, Japan keeps a close watch on the normal navigation of Chinese warships. According to Japan's Jiji news agency reported on 6, Japan's defense ministry says 5 days, in the morning, China 2 frigates and 1 supply ships through Japan Tsugaru Strait voyage to the west, did not enter the territorial waters of japan. The Japanese air self defense force is found in Aomori Prefecture, about 80 kilometers southeast of the Pacific Ocean Chinese navy. They crossed the Aomori shiriya saki waters from the Pacific through the Tsugaru Strait into the sea of Japan, it is the implementation of the task return visit. P-3C patrol aircraft of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and the "big lake" frigate were monitoring. Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" said the Ministry of defense concern and vigilance for Chinese warships were brisk.

This is not the first time the Chinese warships through the Strait of light. 2000, 2008 and last year in February, Chinese warships have been passing. Chinese navy military academic researcher Zhang Jun told news agency 6, "Global Times" reporter, Chinese Navy, United States Navy, the Russian navy have gone through the Tsugaru Strait, this is a can be used for international navigation channel, this is a normal thing, does not have a special meaning. According to the Convention, through the Tsugaru Strait does not need to be notified in advance in japan. Zhang Junshe said, these years every Chinese through the adjacent waters of Japan Navy, always have a "scrambled" announcement "action, to render Chinese threat," the United States and Russia through the Tsugaru Strait, the Japanese do not shout?"