Hollywood actress Trump shelling the latter is "Hilary refute its lackeys"

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Hollywood actress Trump shelling the latter is "Hilary refute its lackeys"

2017-01-11 00:16:41 195 ℃

[Global Times special correspondent in the United States as the Global Times special correspondent Xiao Zhen Xiang Trump] tension with the United States arts star relationship is known to all, but the star in the Golden Globe Awards ceremony of Trump "fire" is the first time. According to CNN reported on the 9, the United States veteran superstar Merrill Streep late on the evening of receiving the Golden Globe Award for Lifetime Achievement Award speech, will be directed at the artillery directly to the Trump of the 8.

Streep did not speak of Trump in the last 6 minutes of the speech in the name, but that person to know who is the object of her work. Streep cited the birthplace of actors, "said Hollywood has more and more foreigners to join, if they will all get rid of, then the United States only football and fight, not what to see." This implies that Streep is clearly a populist criticism "anti immigrant rhetoric," she said here, triggered a huge applause.

After Streep praised the excellent performance in the past year literary star, Schmidt blaming Trump, the more direct. Streep said directly that a person's "show" over the past year has surprised her, not because of the good performance, but because of the appalling quality. "The man who sits on the most respectable position in our country is to humiliate a disabled journalist, who is not as privileged, powerful, and powerful as he is." Previously, Trump's campaign was photographed "New York Times" imitation of hand mobility disability reporters like, people criticized the "do not know how to respect people". But Trump has always insisted that he had no intention to humiliate the disabled, but he did not deal with the New York Times and other media is a real thing".

Streep said: "when powerful people use his position to intimidate others, then everyone will lose." Television footage showed that these words in Streep, the audience to listen carefully, some actors even eyes suffused with tears. Streep then said, the media have the responsibility to supervise the power, urge the authorities to assume responsibility".

Streep's speech caused a warm response in social media. Many celebrities and ordinary people expressed support for Streep's speech, praised her words, "sincere courage". However, there are people who do not catch a cold on Streep's words, saying that this is only the Hollywood has always been hypocritical performance, because Hollywood is to rely on sex and violence to attract people".

9 in the morning, Trump immediately tweeted about Streep with color, said Streep is "do not understand but make irresponsible remarks on their own," also accused her of "Hilary's dog". The United States "Boston globe" commented that Streep's criticism of Trump sound reflects the general attitude of Trump's literary and art circles, many Hollywood stars in social media support, but it just shows that the "Hollywood of this circle with the American Society of public opinion are seriously out of line".

Streep was born in 1949 in Hollywood veteran star, in 1977 the first movie "Julia", called "evergreen film". The representative works include "out of Africa", "the devil wears Prada", "Sophie's choice" and "Iron Lady", etc.. Streep Oscar won 3 times, won the Golden Globe award 8 times, known as "the most acting woman in the world", won the "Lifetime Achievement Award" is out.