China for Sade problem 9 times refused to South Korea: no South Korea to participate in Zhuhai air show

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China for Sade problem 9 times refused to South Korea: no South Korea to participate in Zhuhai air show

2017-01-11 00:20:08 323 ℃

Data figure: Yonhap six out of 8 sets of Sade system pictures, actually all aimed at the five-star red flag

South Korean Defense Ministry officials: since July last year, South Korea and China's 9 military related schedule unilaterally canceled by china.

January 9, 2017 South Korean Central Daily reported that in July last year, South Korea and South Korean military decided to deploy missile defense (THAAD) system, South Korea and China's military exchanges and cooperation in a comprehensive interrupt.

China and South Korea was upgraded to a strategic partnership in the field of defense defense ministerial talks in July 2011. December 2015 also opened a hotline for the Secretary of defense.

However, South Korea's defense ministry official said 8, "since July of last year, South Korea and Chinese 9 military related schedule is China unilaterally cancel the hotline is interrupted," has not seen a strategic partnership ".

In fact, last year's defense minister Han Minqiu's visit to China, China did not respond, the hotline has been interrupted.

From the beginning of 2011 each year and vice minister level strategic defense dialogue, the meeting itself has become empty.

In addition:

In July last year, Chinese sports delegation visited South Korea was canceled.

Student delegation last July Chinese vice president of National Defense University and other high-level visit to South Korea to cancel.

In September last year, China and Seoul's security dialogue was rejected.

In September last year, South Korea's defense security team visited the Chinese military was canceled.

Last September Chinese Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute plans to cancel the visit to South korea.

On behalf of South Korea in November last year is not allowed to visit the Zhuhai airshow Chinese group.

In December last year, South Korean naval academy students were not allowed to visit Qingdao.

These events occur one after another.

North Korea's fifth nuclear test and ballistic missile launch in September last year, when the military authorities of the two countries did not cooperate and negotiate. South Korea's defense ministry is now not sure whether China's official retaliation against THAAD.

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