The South Korean government to remove the comfort women like east Busan mayor: to move - Beijing time

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The South Korean government to remove the comfort women like east Busan mayor: to move - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:25:41 155 ℃

Military [global network reported on January 11th Jin Huizhen Global Times special correspondent in Japan South Korea] folk organization in the Busan consulate is located in front of comfort girls like to take strong measures to fight back after 10 days, the South Korean government requires non-governmental organizations to remove girls like the comfort women. Yonhap news agency commented that the government's position seems to be taken to prevent further deterioration of the situation for the policy, but the domestic many people criticized the face of Japan's arrogance and attitude, make unfounded countercharges "government response is" too soft".

South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe 10, said at a regular press conference, I hope the local government and related institutions and public organizations to consider the security aspects of the international diplomatic etiquette and custom, and wisdom to find the set of comfort girls like the proper place, and remember the lessons of history left in memory of the comfort women issue. Yonhap said, when a reporter asked, the Japanese cabinet members visited the Yasukuni Shrine, Japanese new comfort women like a aggressive diplomatic initiatives, whether these acts against the Japanese comfort women agreement, Zhao Junhe just repeatedly stressed the need to conscientiously fulfill the agreement of comfort women". In addition, the acting president of the authority of the South Korean Prime Minister Huang an 10 first Japanese diplomat recalls commented: "the issue of comfort women, the parties should avoid may lead to the deterioration of the situation in words and deeds, so that they will help to promote the relations between South Korea and Japan to focus on the future direction of development."

Korea Niuxi Si news agency said a year ago, Japan and South Korea signed the agreement after the comfort women, the South Korean government asked about the removal of the front of the Japanese Embassy in the comfort women like, "said the establishment of comfort women like folk spontaneous behavior, the government should not intervene, but stressed that it is necessary to fulfill the agreement". Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 10 day of the statement, in fact, is to persuade the parties concerned will be moved by the comfort women.

The Japanese Consulate is located in Busan district mayor Pu Sanshuo said on the 10, "the Ministry of foreign affairs if you want to withdraw the comfort women like, ask yourself, the district government will not be ordered," he told the Ministry of foreign affairs to change the government "does not interfere with local position and civil society affairs", to demanded the withdrawal of the comfort women like the offing. The folk organization "comfort women like to set up a future generation of peace girl staff like Promotion Committee" said the foreign ministry asked the guardian turn a deaf ear to comfort women like the voice of the people, but only the Japanese government to regret.

The South Korean government 10 days to make a statement before, the U.S. State Department spokesman Kirby said 9, Japan recalled its ambassador "not unusual move". Japan's 10 press, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said, the Japanese ambassador to return to Korea time "will carry out a comprehensive judgment and analysis of the future earthquake".

Li Jifan, a fellow at the Korea asan Institute for policy studies 10 journal article, called the South Korean government will like the comfort women issue to the international court. Li Jifan believes that the International Court of justice will not be ruled that the establishment of Korean comfort women like violations of international law, South Korea's probability of winning is obviously high.