Hundreds of thousands of casualties caused by the bombing in Afghanistan - Beijing time

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Hundreds of thousands of casualties caused by the bombing in Afghanistan - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:25:52 58 ℃

China News Agency, Beijing, January (11) - comprehensive news: local time, 10, Afghanistan and more bombings, resulting in hundreds of casualties.

10 afternoon, the capital of Kabul near the parliament building occurred in the vicinity of two bomb attacks. According to Afghan security officials, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb, shortly after a car bomb was detonated. Local health officials said that so far, the two bombings have killed at least 30 people were killed and more than 80 people were injured.

According to Broadcasting British Corporation, the incident occurred at the peak of the rush hour. The victims are said to be mainly civilians, including members of the parliament building.

10 evening, the southern capital of Kandaha Province, Kandaha Province, also suffered an attack. The explosion occurred in the provincial government guest house, killing at least 11 people were killed and another 14 people were injured. Allegedly, the United Arab Emirates, Arabia's ambassador to Afghanistan and other dignitaries are inside the guest house to attend a dinner, the ambassador and several other diplomats were injured in the incident.

In addition, 10 days earlier, an attacker in the capital of Helmand province made an explosion. The attacker detonated a bomb in a hotel where a government intelligence official lives, killing at least 7 people.

At present, Taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombings in Kabul city. Kandahar city bombings there has not been any person or organization claimed responsibility.

Ghani, President of Afghanistan, 10, strongly condemned the attack occurred, and vowed to eradicate all criminal assault behind the curtain. (end)