Japanese companies suspected of forcing new employees to work overtime caused by their mental illness - Beijing time

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Japanese companies suspected of forcing new employees to work overtime caused by their mental illness - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:26:08 70 ℃

In January 11, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese Ministry of health Kanagawa labor bureau this month 11 days to force a new employee more than male labor agreement limit illegal overtime, alleged violation of Japan's "Labor Standards Law" on the grounds that the MITSUBISHI Motor Company (headquartered in Tokyo) written information in a timely manner any boss transferred to the prosecution.

It is reported that the man appeared symptoms of mental illness, after being dismissed, in November 2016 was identified as work-related injuries. According to the analysis, the Labor Bureau attached the prosecution called for serious punishment opinions.

Reported that the Japanese government is focused on the implementation of the reform of the economic leaders also think it is necessary to curb the phenomenon of long time work, after the end of the case was transferred to the prosecution of the advertising giant Dentsu and a large enterprises forced young employees traced to illegal overtime situation in the future, how to deal with the overworked or will be further attention.

MITSUBISHI electric official said in an interview, will effectively respond to the case. Do a good job of working time management."

Labor Bureau believes that the company and his boss forced the staff to work overtime in January 2014 to 78 hours, 9 minutes, more than the monthly limit of the labor agreement stipulated in the upper limit of 60 hours per month in February.

According to the lawyer, doctor of the 31 year old male employees after graduation from the University in April 2013 to enter the MITSUBISHI motor, is the study of information technology integrated distribution to the company's (located in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan, the city of Kamakura) argued that January 2014 and February were working overtime for more than 100 hours and 160 hours.

He also said that in the same year in January 16th to February 15th, only 59 hours overtime report for the time of 30 minutes, less than the actual time. In April of the same year, he was diagnosed with a disability and was treated for depression.

In June last year, the company to go beyond the limit of sick leave on the grounds of their dismissal, but Fujisawa labor standards inspection office found the man working time is far higher than the standard thick labor Province, resulting in mental illness. Kanagawa Labor Bureau to investigate the alleged violations of overtime, has been part of the evidence to obtain evidence for filing.

The man also said in the testimony of work-related injuries, the declaration of work time to ask the boss to report overtime, revealing the existence of the company to hide overtime phenomenon.