20 year old transgender man announced to be pregnant for 17 weeks: I want to be the best dad - Beijing time

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20 year old transgender man announced to be pregnant for 17 weeks: I want to be the best dad - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:26:13 242 ℃

Pictured Hayden Cross for 17 weeks. (photo: "sun")

China news network, January, 11 (Sun Ruonan) - many women have complained of pain due to the birth of the child, should let a man feel the pain of pregnancy. A 20 year old British man has announced he is pregnant for the past 17 weeks, and the sun says he is the first man in the country to declare a "baby boy"

20 years ago, the baby Paige cross was born in British Gloucester. She has been the girls go to school, but was expelled from school at the age of 14. 3 years ago, she decided to officially change the name and gender, turned to Hayden cross. His family with many children, there is a 21 year old sister, Skye, and two year old brother --19 and 16 year old Robert iordan.

At the age of 17, Hayden began to inject male hormones into a male. However, he retained the female reproductive organs. After the removal of the breasts and ovaries, Hayden will complete the degeneration. But he had a dream in his heart, he had his own child. So he decided to become a pregnant woman before he finished the sex conversion. Hayden had hoped to freeze their eggs to prepare for the future, but the doctor refused to do so, he decided to seek help on Facebook, the results of an anonymous sperm donors to find. Hayden says he's going to be the best father ever.

Hayden recalled that donors put sperm into the jar to his door, because they can not afford to pay for medical expenses, he then injected himself into the body with a syringe to complete the process of pregnancy.

Official data show that in England, 3000 patients received surgery each year, of which about 2/3 of the degeneration by men is become women, the average medical cost is about 29 thousand pounds (about 244 thousand yuan); the national health insurance system in 2014 expenditure in this area is 17 million 130 thousand pounds (about 144 million yuan), while spending in 2015 rose to 22 million 720 thousand pounds (about 190 million yuan).

It is reported that the world's first pregnant son from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, named Thomas • • Betty. He gave birth to a child in 2008 and is now the father of 3 children.

In fact, as early as in 2011, there was a British father born a baby girl, but he did not disclose the name. Hayden cross is Britain's first openly declared his pregnant transgender man.

Carol Cooper, the doctor said: "the pregnancy itself is not an easy thing, especially when you are not ready. "And Hayden's situation is more special, the degeneration of men's production also increased the risk of production. "There is a social and psychological level of preparation for this bread, and changes in biology require the use of drugs and surgery. Hope for the sake of the child, Hayden can deal with this pregnancy and the future to face the responsibility. "