South Korea will be arrested by the independent group of Samsung Electronics vice president Li Zairong bribery investigation - Beijing time

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South Korea will be arrested by the independent group of Samsung Electronics vice president Li Zairong bribery investigation - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:26:18 119 ℃

In January 11, according to Yonhap news agency, responsible for the investigation of "cronies" independent procuratorial group a responsible person said, the fastest will be called Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae Yong in 12, a comprehensive survey on "Samsung" with the existence of behind the scenes trade between South Korean President Park Geun hye and samsung.

The source said, the inspection team will be 12 or 13 days of Li Zairong summoned investigation, Li Zairong will appear in what identity has not been determined. It is reported that the inspection group to consider the case related to identity appearing in court summons.

The inspection team will focus on the investigation of Samsung to "trusted door" core funds involved in nature, Cui Shunshi provides whether this is at the expense of the interests.

Samsung suspected to sponsor Cui Shunshi daughter Jeong buy horses to Cui Shunshi equestrian name provides a huge amount of money, at the same time, Samsung is also to the actual manipulation by Cui Shunshi Mir consortium and the consortium K sports the largest enterprises, amounting to 20 billion 400 million won.

Reported that the independent counsel group provides funding for these institutions suspected Samsung exception, or to repay the national pension service in favor of Samsung and Cheil merger, and the vice president of Samsung Electronics Group Li Zairong inherited the franchise related.

In 2014, Samsung Cheil merger and advance, foreign hedge fund management company - Elliot opposed the national pension service but with Samsung's 10% stake in Samsung station side, the merger is to.

After some pointed out that despite the national pension service at home and abroad consulting institutions against the proposal, pushing the merger may be under pressure. When the National Pension Service Director Cui Guang said in an interview with Yonhap, intended to replace the use of the funds of the minister Hong Wanshan Lipaizhongyi, but under pressure from senior government.

Yonhap said the national pension service is the merger of the two companies cast in favor after only half a month in July 25th, park Geun hye and Samsung vice president Li Zairong in Chong Wa Dae alone interview time is quite strange, is involved in bribery investigation against the final will point to the park.

Li Zairong held in Congress last month "to park government cronies intervention case of state affairs investigation special committee hearing that Samsung has never donated or funded at the expense of preferential, denied to the consortium donations in order to protect their inheritance and access management rights of Samsung group.